Struggle With Self Esteem Essay

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When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? For most people the answer is no, we can always find something that is “wrong” with us. Why is it that we think very low of ourselves? Everyone has different reasons for feeling like this. It can come from within ourselves or something in our surrounding that makes us like that. In my essay I will talk about Precious Jones, the main character from the novel Push and the film Precious. I will talk about how different things happening in her life has caused her to have a low self-esteem and how it holds her back. In my essay I will also mention how those things are still going on in present day.
I enjoyed both film and novel but they did have some differences. In the novel you get to know Precious’s thoughts and the reasons for her actions were in the film you can’t. One thing that I really enjoyed from the novel, that wasn’t included in the film, was being able to read the background of the rest of the girls that attended Each One Teach One. Another obvious distinction is that in the film we are introduced to a male nurse that was never mentioned in the novel. In the novel the nurse is a female, I’m not sure why the director decided to change the sex. I think one of the biggest differences was that the film didn’t mention the meeting about incest and HIV as much, which I thought was very important in Precious’s way to succeed. Apart from having a handful of differences, both the novel and film both tell the life of Claireece Precious Jones. Precious being a 16 year old girl living in Harlem during 1987. Precious, in both novel and film, has a low self-esteem. Precious mentions not wanting to live and wishing she was different in both novel and film.
I feel that the main reason for Precious having a low self-esteem comes from the fact that she was sexually abused. From reading the novel we learn that Precious has been getting raped since the age of 3 by her father. The sexual abuse has resulted in Precious having two children from her father. She had her first child at the age of 12. A nurse asks Precious if she ever got to be a child and Precious finds that question stupid because she still thinks of herself as a child. That is no way for a child to live and I don’t think Precious understands that. The typical age for a girl to go through puberty is at age 10-12 therefore Precious was barely going into adulthood when she turned into a mother. Her having a baby held her back in school then got her suspended in her second pregnancy. I think it is safe to say that the reason that Precious never did well in school was because of the abuse. She mentions “Second grade, third grade, fourth grade seem like one dark night. Carl is the night and I disappear in it. And the daytimes don’t make sense” (Sapphire 18). It is very known that rape can cause severe problems to the person. Precious was just a little girl, she grew up getting raped. As if it wasn’t enough with her dad sexually abusing her, her...

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