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Healthcare, and all that it provides, is considered one of the most precious resources in the United States today. Everyone has been there. After days of feeling crummy you break down and go the doctor. After all, there is so much you need to do. From your child’s soccer game your little one has been talking about for days, your cousin’s wedding with the perfect dress hanging in the closet and of course, you cannot afford to miss work. So there you are, in the doctor’s office with the all important question. What is wrong with me? Thankfully, with modern day science, there is technology available to peer inside and discover what stands between you, the soccer field sideline, and embarrassing your family by dancing the “Macarena.” With each passing year, the sophistication of medical diagnostic devices increases with disruption to the traditional and centralized diagnostic delivery model. A review of five medical diagnostic devices available today, or coming soon to a healthcare facility near you, will be reviewed along with how it will disrupt the current model.
Capsule Endoscopy
According to Christensen, Grossman, and Hwang (2009), medical device and diagnostic equipment (MDDE) is progressively decentralized with each pass year in a predictable and consistent fashion. This pattern of change may be seen in every discipline of medicine including the arena of endoscopy, which involves a visual examination of the gastrointestinal tract. The capsule endoscopy is one such example of decentralization and disruption. A diagnostic procedure that once needed to be done in a large hospital with a team of medical providers (endoscopist, anesthesia, and nursing) may now be achieved while the patient is at work or home, minus the risk of sedation and perforation. Furthermore, the capsule endoscopy “allows for examination of the small intestine, which cannot be easily reached with traditional methods of endoscopy” (Winston, 2013, para 12). In addition to decentralizing the diagnostic delivery model, the capsule endoscopy enables the diagnosis of diseases such as Crohn’s disease that was often missed using the traditional method (Herrerias, Caunedo, Rodriguez-Tellez, Pellicer, & Herrerias Jr, 2003).
DNA Sequencing
Perhaps one of the most exciting forms of diagnostics available, the realm of DNA sequencing is rapidly evolving. DNA sequencing takes a systematic approach to cataloging the patient’s risk of developing life threatening illnesses. Once only found at major genome centers, the next generation of DNA sequencing is decentralizing the major centers as well as the need for physician specialist across the continuum of care (Shendure & Ji, 2008). The ability to know the patient’s probability for developing costly illnesses such as heart disease and cancer can significantly decrease the overall cost to the patient and payers over a lifetime. For example, knowing that you are a carrier of the gene linked directly to breast and ovarian cancer would likely...

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