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During the time period of the emancipation proclamation multiple black authors were becoming educated enough to write works of poetry. Such works have influenced and persuaded the minds of white people all over America to this very day. It also gave their own people a work of art to turn to for their own history. The poets have ventured into modern day eras also, and still have the same topics at hand. The main idea of these poetry pieces was on their ancestors in Africa but also of course of the modern problem of slavery. Langston Hughes was the first influential black poet. Lucille Clifton and Colleen McElroy are modern poets but is a black woman who has other views on slavery but also ...view middle of the document...

The way her people should carry out their ancestor’s traces is through remembrance. She also saw the connection of history through the rivers in both of her people’s rivers. Both she and the poet, Langston Hughes saw the rivers as an important way to remember their people’s lives.
Also in the Hughes and McElroy’s poems, The Negro Speaks of Rivers, and For My Children, shared the important connection of all of their people even though slavery separated them from their home country. In For My Children the speaker mentions multiple of the tribes that have been torn apart through the unfortunate acts of slavery. In the poem she mentions at least eight different tribes that the slaves had come from. In Hughes poem, The Negro Speaks of Rivers, the speaker mentions all the history that existed in their people’s past lives. Both of the poets are showing their own people that even though they are now living in a new world, they are still carrying on their people’s ways because of who they are.
I, Too, Refugee in America, and Study the Masters, all have a form of a type of freedom that Langston Hughes, and Lucille Clifton want for their selves and the future generation of their people. They had gone through terrible acts to their people, and wish for an equal treatment from the world. In all three poems they wish of being appreciated and recognized. However, in Study the...

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