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“since Sin has broke in upon the World, and vitiated the humane Nature.” (John Bernard) This is the opening line of John Bernard’s speech or at least what John Locke hears as he gets to the sermon.

Massachusetts is cold, John Locke isn’t surprised. He has heard things about it, the weather, the people and now the righteous. The ground is covered in snow and the church is packed with men, women and children; All awaiting to hear more of the words of John Bernard. He moves to take a seat or at least find somewhere to stand. A few people share knowledge of him is their eyes and he smiles faintly, this makes it easy for him to get to the front of the room or close to Mr. Bernard and give ...view middle of the document...

Bernard. The man in question moves off of the stage and greets many, shaking hands and nodding. Finally they lock eyes and a hand is put out to shake, John Locke takes it and smiles. They exchange small talk, ‘How is London?’, How is Massachusetts?’ and ‘How was your trip?’. All simple questions are answered and after that they really talk.

“I enjoyed your speech, but I would like to talk about some of your ideas. Do you really think man cannot govern himself?” Is John Locke’s first question, the words simple, but he remembers the man’s words fully.

“As I said Mr. Locke, ‘does not this necessitate Laws to tame this fierce Creature; to bound his Appetites, and bridle his Passions, that he may not be injurious to his Neighbour!’” He smiles. “These are the real words, this is what humane Nature is: to steal, take and only care about one’s self. Your ideas are very liberal and while they are not bad, they give too much due to humane Nature.”
John Locke has dealt with these types before, John Bernard to strong and smart man, but he is not a liberal. “And I’ll repeat my own...

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