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Even though the North and the South origins were both from Europe, their customs and living habits were different. The North and the South began to notice these differences as they broke away from Britain in the Revolutionary War. The North and South emerged into two different regions, due to their various differences. These differences included the geography, the economy, the social and classification status, and transportation.
One of the most striking differences between the North and the South was the climate and geography. The North’s climate was full of warm summers and cold winters; the terrain was rocky and hilly, which wasn’t good for farming. But the North did have little farms. Most of the forest was used for shipbuilding, and cities were used for trading centers. The rivers were fast and shallow which made it hard to navigate. Also in the North people used waterpower to run factories, because it was a cheap source of energy. The South was somewhat different; the climate was generally warm and sunny. The summers were long and hot, and the winters were pretty mild. Due to the South’s climate they were able to grow different crops in large amounts, unlike the North. The south had large farms, called plantations. In the South cities developed near rivers, because of rich soil which made it easier for them to farm.
There were various economic differences between the North and South. In the south their economy was based on agriculture. That’s why they believed in slavery, slavery was an economic boosted for the South. The more slaved they had, the more crops got produced meaning the more crops they could sell or trade. Crops such as rice, tobacco, and sugar cane were considered cash crops, because they were sold for a profit. Cotton was the main cash crop for the South because Eli Whitney built the cotton gen. By 1835, farms were growing over 1,000,000 bales of cotton, cotton exports made up of 2/3rd of the total value of American exports. But in the North their economy was based on machine, many different industries. These industries included shipping, lumber, mining, and furs. Northerners stated to use their “ingenuity” to manufacture all kinds of goods. With the use of the waterpower the process of manufacturing developed quickly. Items like textiles, iron, and ships were traded for foreign products. To protect their industries from foreign competition, the North favored high tariffs, or taxes on goods coming from other countries.
Societal differences influenced the North and South to emerge into two distinct regions. In the North, massive immigration was a deal in their social status. In the 1800s’ the North’s population grew from about five million to 31 million people. Cities were set up among the Atlantic coast and served as centers of trade between the North and Europe. Many people from England moved to the North seeking employment opportunities. Cities were crowded and dirty, after the 1830’s harbors and street were...

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