Holden Purchase. A Description Of My Buying Decission Process When Purchasing A Holden Astra

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The Holden AstraWith a bumper sticker saying, "I'd rather push my Ford than drive a Holden", the 1988 Holden Astra came bearing down Albany highway, making a solid 110 km/h. Suddenly, and for no good reason the breaks were slammed and the hand break was pulled, wrapping the car nicely around a pole. The driver, none other than Obi, was drunk, and the owner of the car, which was me, was on holiday in Pakistan.My trusted car, which I had become so desperately dependent upon, was gone forever.How involved were I in the decision process, and how did marketers influence me in the different stages of the decision process, when buying the car?Buying a car is not a small deal. It constitutes a significant departure of a persons money, at least this is the reality for most people. This again will make us more involved, as it is not a routine purchase and there is significant difference between cars. When buying a car, the purchaser wants to know that he receives a good product, because the purchaser is spending a significant amount of money on a product which is infrequently purchased, he or she perceives the purchase as a high risk and will feel the need to gather as much information about the product as possible, to support the decision they are about to make. This buying decision behavior is called, complex buying behavior. As for me, it was no different. The Holden Astra I purchased cost me a whopping $1400, which is a lot for any student. This made me very involved with the purchase and all the aspects of it which again shows all the signs of complex buying behavior.According to (P Kotler, S Adam, L Brown, G Armstrong, 2003) the consumer passes through five stages when buying a product: "need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post purchase decision."It all started with the need recognition. I had previously walked to school on a few occasions, and it had left a foul taste in my mouth. I took the bus home from school one day, and ended up walking for several miles to get home. It was clear to me that I needed a car, and I needed on fast. We had a Quokka magazine lying on the table in front of the TV, and I suppose that it made me even more eager to get a car.Before...

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A Comparison of Holden of Catcher in the Rye and Equality 7-251 of Anthem

697 words - 3 pages , Holden will graduate from an Ivy League school, and will become a doctor or a lawyer, even though he has no desire to pursue either of these careers.  In the end, Holden decides to run from his problems in order to become what he wants to be, a catcher in the rye.  Once he finally decides to leave, there is no hesitation on his part.  Holden even tells the reader, "When I was all set to go, when I had my bags and all, I stood

Diagnosis of Holden Caulfield in A Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

653 words - 3 pages supporting the claim of Holden’s long-term frustration is his grey hair. He mentions that he’s had it since he was a kid (Salinger 6). So there must’ve been something going on when he was a child, some unmentioned difficulty. This might be sexual abuse. Holden talks about sexual abuse he suffered as a child in a subtle manner (Salinger 195). These are all possible origins of Holden’s mental illnesses but the actual symptoms he exhibits have not yet

The Traumitized Life of Holden

2087 words - 9 pages end of a block I’d make believe I was talking to my brother Allie. I’d say to him, ‘Allie, don’t let me disappear. Allie, don’t let me disappear. Allie don’t let me disappear. Please Allie.’ And then I’d reach the other side of the street without disappearing, I’d thank him” (Salinger 198). Holden “speaks” to Allie when he feels depressed. Holden is telling his brother to not make him disappear because Holden is expressing his unspoken thoughts of

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1455 words - 6 pages reasons Holden is a very poor role model. People can see this through; his academics, his social life and lastly his habits. In his academics he does very poorly and does not apply himself (he failed out of four schools). His social life is the same, when meeting people he does not make an effort to get to know them or understand where they are coming from. This trait is demonstrated tremendously in the last few chapters. Lastly his habits are

The Changes of Holden Caulfield

1337 words - 5 pages thing, though, in that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was. Nobody'd move....Nobody'd be different. The only thing that would be different would be you."(p. 121). Holden is the type of person that cannot deal with change and conflict, therefore the museum represents a simple, perfect, idealistic vision of life that Holden wishes he could live in. The Museum of Natural History is a fantasy world of Holden's where everything

The Complexity of Holden Caulfield

676 words - 3 pages J.D Salinger writes from personal experience in his novel, The Catcher in the Rye. The American author lived in New York City and attended a Manhattan public school for most of his adolescence before attending a boarding school that he soon failed out of. His experiences were a major part in not only the plot of his novel, but in building the character of Holden Caulfield. As the male protagonist in this coming of age novel, Holden Caulfield

The Interpretation of the Catcher in Rye, including a characterisation of Holden, and many symbolic aspects of the book

1038 words - 4 pages Allie, died when he was very young. And Holden adored him. Or the parents almost divorced whem he was young.One of the most used words in the book by Holden is "phony". This word is very important for Holden. He thinks everythink and everybody is phony. That is maybe a reaction, because of his difference to the others. But this attitude is almost destroying him. " I feel so damn lonesome" in my opinion this is the price he had to play for his eternal

"The mysteries of Holden Caulfield" is about the symbolism in "The Catcher in the Rye" and what this reveals about the character Holden. Could use a conclusion, we didnt have to put one

888 words - 4 pages when Holden is thinking of his old friend Jane Gallagher. The checkerboard is symbolic of Holden's obsessiveness with Jane. Holden is always asking people and wondering if Jane still keeps her kings in the back row. In checkers, if you keep your kings in the back row, it's like a security. You can't lose if you play that way. This is why Holden is so curious about Jane and if she still keeps her kings in the back row. What he really wants to

My Characterization of Holden Caulfield from "The Catcher in The Rye"

558 words - 2 pages a huge sense of moral values, which often seems to interfere with other people's loss of values. Because of other peoples values he gets frustrated and thinks people are "phony". Holden seems to be a rather mean person as you read his feelings and how he feels towards people but it is only what he thinks. When Holden does something wrong he feels really guilty about his behavior and it often eats him up inside. Like the time when he went out

The Mental Health of Holden Caulfield

888 words - 4 pages Pencey, experience going through adolescence. An example of this is Holden's jealousy towards Stradlater when he finds out he is going on a date with Jane Gallagher, “Boy,was I getting nervous” (42). Every teenager has bouts of jealously especially about the opposite sex, and Holden is no different. Holden's rebellious nature, to an extent, is typical for a teenage boy. His rebellious nature of smoking when it is not allowed, “You weren't

Holden Caulfield and the Pressures of Society

1658 words - 7 pages to Mr. Antolini stroking his head and watching him. Abruptly, Holden leaves the apartment fazed over the recent event. Again, Holden looks for some company and words of wisdom; however, Mr. Antolini only helps Holden because he of his ulterior motives. Holden finally receives some help and companionship but has to pay a price. As it appears, the only time someone in society helps Holden is when he or she wants something back in return. The

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1051 words - 4 pages It has been six years since my uncle died. Just like every October 1st, I'm standing here at his grave. His wife decided to keep up the family tradition of cremating the body, and even though his body wasn't buried, a tombstone was still placed at the cemetery.My uncle was only 34 when he died. He was a loving son, brother, husband, and father. His daughters were only three and nine years old. He was the healthiest person I knew. It only took a

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636 words - 3 pages by his parents, drifting from school to school in search of a purer lifestyle. On page one Holden humbly describes his lousy growing up. “If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you will probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like…but I don’t feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth…that stuff bores me.” Holden does not want to go into his childhood and play the victim. He tells us

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1044 words - 5 pages I have seen many disorders in my twenty years of working for the mental hospital as a psychiatrist. Mr. Holden Caulfield displays traits I have seen before. Certain tendencies and behaviors lead me to believe he might have Borderline Personality Disorder. This can include impulsivity, emotional instability, patterns of unstable relationships, etc.. At first, Mr. Caulfield continued to stay silent when asked questions by the nurses and myself. He

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844 words - 3 pages jealous of Stradlater because he is always commenting on how nice of a body structure he has as well as his good looks and charming personality. At the same time Holden admires and looks up to him as we read about the time when he sits in the washroom beside Stradlater watching him shave, asking him many questions, and he also wrote that essay for him. Holden is very considerate of other people's feelings. On that Saturday night Mal Brossard