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A Key problem highlighted is the tendency by development agencies to see developing-country situations in terms of what they believe ‘ought to be’ rather that what they ‘actually are.’ (Hendrickson) We as a people have this idea, an idea that we need to fix people. Looking at our country we see how well we have worked. The people trust and understand that the government and military are there both to help and protect the people who live in the United States (US). Countries that have experienced a dictator ship or are in a power vacuum do not understand this trust. They need help. However, the question of ‘how’ will arise. How can the people trust the government? How can we make this change last? How can we take people from an oppressive society to one of security? Taking a look at the past, we can figure out what will work and what has failed. To reform the security sector we have to look inside and then work our way out in order to establish lasting peace. Both Liberia and Macedonia have displayed the problems and benefits that arise when trying to reform the Security Sector politically and in a post-war society.
Force won’t work; countries that need reform have to be approached carefully. Countries that are in the process of transition are in majority a poor country. They have separated from another country or our trying to come out of a oppressive government. When reforming both the government and the military you have to begin with the people. The people have to want what is being offered. It can’t be forced onto them or all that will be achieved is rebellion. The reform has to start from within and then, that is when the US or other agencies need to take action, starting with research. Research has to be done. Each country has its own problems and in order to help them properly, their problems need to be addressed. Once research is over, it is then time for training. The Department for International Development (DFID) has to train the military and the government to understand their responsibilities. One of the main problems is they send in a contractor. While they look for their next paycheck, they forget about the people they should be helping. In order to show the countries that we care, we need to send in Active Duty Personnel (ADP). Liberian Minister Samukai, once said, “"They did not look into their bank account every day to find out if funds had been made available or not to undertake the next level of activities. They consulted with local institutions and were transparent in their dealings with the Liberian government and they showed respect for local authorities, customs and laws.” By sending in ADP we will build their trust and make the transition smoother. Lastly, we have to monitor the country. When we monitor we make sure that everything will stay smooth and we don’t leave them by themselves.
During the last thirty years there have been incidents where a reform has taken place. One in Liberia, show how it can work, while...

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