Home School Has Become A Popular Way Of Education

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So many reasons why parents choose to home school their children. Even though it has been said that the drop-out rate is higher than in public schools, it has been proven by the NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) that home schooled children have a higher success rate for college education. NHERI conducts, collects and provides research on homeschooling and publishes the information in the Home School Researcher Journal. Home schooling has become very popular and some people believe that it provides a better education.
So many successful alumni’s that have done amazing accomplishments have been home schooled. There is Thomas Edison he is responsible for carbon, telephone and batteries. He started home-schooling at the age of 12 after a teacher said he was to slow. Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th U.S. president. He was home-schooled after frequent sickness and went on to attend Columbia Law School. Serena Williams is a tennis champion and began her home-schooling in her teens to focus on her training. She now assist underprivileged you around the world in receiving education. So many children through history have been home schooled and have become highly successful members of society. If you help the unfortunate, or a tennis player or a president everyone plays a supporting role in society.
Although home schooling has almost always been an option for parents worldwide, it has become more socially acceptable in recent years. There have been more research centers and children advocacy groups conducting research on the level of social skills in home-schooled children than ever before. This is helpful to home school programs, as it can give them information and recommendations on things to change that benefit children. One of the organizations is the THSC (Texas Home School Coalition). This organization has been helping protect and serving parental rights for more than 25 years. THSC keeps up with all the latest topics in homeschooling, techniques, curriculum reviews and local events to better help your children. It is also helpful to society, as it brings to light the good things that come along with choosing home schooling versus public schooling.
Public schools provide gifted and talented classes for students who learn faster and require more challenging work than other students. Instead of gifted and talented classes, home schooling allows the tutors or parents to provide the children with more challenging work, or allow them to work through full grade years faster than average students. It gives the parents just as much flexibility to choose classes as public schools give teachers. Home schooling also gives parents the ability to find other ways to keep children occupied. While public schools give students extra circular options such as athletics, dance/cheerleading, theater, etc., home school also provides many options to students that are great ways to keep the student occupied and busy. These extracurricular...

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