How Is Escapisms Presented Through Symbols Used Within ‘The Glass Menagerie’ And ‘Dancing At Lughnasa’

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Escapism is a key concept within both plays ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ and ‘The Glass Menagerie.’ Brian Friel and Tennessee Williams both use symbolism to present the female characters desire to escape their claustrophobic and melancholy environment. The two plays explore the contrast of reality and the illusory world that allows the characters to retreat from the harsh realities of economic depression and abandonment. D. Brent Barnard’s ‘The Symbolism of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie: An inductive approach’ reveals Tennessee William’s discovery of escapism through writing that allowed him to ‘escape from the world of reality in which’ he felt uncomfortable. Perhaps expressing his use ...view middle of the document...

D. Brent Barnard’s ‘The Symbolism of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie: An inductive approach’ discusses the idea that the characters of ‘The Glass menagerie’ feel a ‘sense of longing’ as they look back on memories before the war and great depression, perhaps illustrating Tom’s pessimistic and jaded outlook of circumstances he is forced to endure as well as his frantic need to break away from the post-war environment.

The two plays express a sense of abandonment and repression of the female characters often leading them to use the symbols within the two plays as a form of escapism, one of these recurring symbols is music. Within the play ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ we are first introduced to its significance when in act 1 Michael recalls his memories of when they first got the radio ‘we got our first wireless set that summer- well, a sort of set; and it obsessed us.’ expressing not only his but his aunt’s infatuation with the radio when in Act 1 the Mundy sisters burst into dance, described as a ‘wild and savage outburst – a moment of pure theatre, a moment of transforming power’ In a theatre review written by Eberhard Bort. Through the play it is often personified and it is even given the name ‘Marconi’ illustrating the obsession as well as its ‘pagan’ power to control and change the sisters, allowing them to embrace the festival ‘I don’t care how young they, how drunk and dirty and sweaty they are. I want to dance, Kate. It’s the festival of Lughnasa. I’m only thirty-five. I want to dance.’ The wireless allows us to see power of pagan music changing and enhancing the characters due to the feminine elements of the festival of Lughnasa, allowing the sisters to experience a sexual awakening as well as being able to use it as a form of escapism from the abandonment and isolation they feel.

In Tennessee Williams's ‘Glass menagerie’ stage directions frequently call for music to underscore key moments in a scene. “The Glass Menagerie” theme repeats habitually throughout the play. As well as music being a key part of stage directions it is also a symbol featuring within the play its self. The Victrola left by Mr Wingfield provides Laura with an auditory escape similarly to that of the characters in ‘Dancing at Lugnasa’ ‘She lives in a world of her own-a world of little glass ornaments, mother… she plays old phonograph records and-that’s about all-‘But for herself and Amanda it is also a constant reminder of abandonment due to the absence of Mr Wingfield revealing a slightly more melancholy side to the symbolism of music within the play. When discussing Laura, Amanda tells Tom that...

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