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As spring and summer are quickly approaching people are becoming increasingly excited about planning for their upcoming vacations. Of course you could always just use the money you’ve put back in savings throughout the year to be sporadic and just pack your bags, gas up the car, and drive until you find something appealing. There is nothing wrong with being spontaneous but, I’m sure we can all remember a vacation that didn’t go exactly (or not at all) how we had hoped due to failure to plan ahead. That horrible hotel that seemed inviting from the road, the revolting restaurant that was recommended by the pamphlet you found in the bedside drawer, or even the extra two hundred dollars you ...view middle of the document...

You want to be sure that all members completely agree on the place/places you’ve chosen as well as the days set aside for the vacation. Any undiscussed reservations can lead to disappointment or even arguments once your trip begins. If necessary, plan multiple stops that more satisfy each individual’s desire. For example, if you are planning a vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida and someone in your group would like to visit Sea World while in the same area, you could attempt to fit into your reservations, budget, and schedule to be as fair as possible. Keep in mind that you are going on vacation to enjoy yourself and avoiding any potential problem is the best route to take.
After you have chosen your location and have planned a budget you should research things such as how far it is from your departing point as well as how long it will take to arrive, prices of local hotels and their amenities, and surrounding restaurants that appeal to you and any traveling companions. If it will take you longer than six hours to get to your intended location (if driving) chances are you will need to find a hotel in between to resume your trip the following day. You can use a GPS device, most smart phones, and Google Maps (just to give a couple of examples) to calculate the distance and time it requires to travel to your desired destination. You can also use the same devices to find easily accessible lodging that will not put you too far off course for the next day. You will be able to locate a city halfway through the route and then make reservations at a hotel you desire with however many rooms are needed. If you make these preparations ahead of time it will not only take away some of the stress of having to complete your journey in one day (when you could quickly become exhausted) it will also ensure that you have a good idea of where you would be staying overnight instead of having to make the decision off of roadside appearances.
Finding accommodations for your destination may be more time-consuming since they will be the place you will be staying in for the extent of your trip. You should not only look at pricing, but reviews as well using your preferred search engine. Even though a hotel may have the cheapest pricing that does not mean it should be your first choice. Most search results will provide you with a star grading system from one star (being the worst experience) to five (the overall best choice). You can check for reviews written by previous customers to get a good idea one how good the rooms and service are. Travel sites such as,, and to book rooms and possibly receive a discounted price from what was listened on the hotels official website. When making the final decision you should focus both on staying inside of your budget and overall contentment.
Once you have made the decision on lodging, you have the option to research further into things such as surrounding restaurants or local...

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