Human Resources Essay About Selection Interviews.

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A selection interview" is a selection procedure designed to predict future job performance on the basis of applicants' oral responses to oral inquiries".The interview is probably the most commonly used assessment tool. A job interview follows a pre-determined structure and is designed to predict future job performance on the basis of the applicants' oral responses to oral inquiries. The interview may last about 45 minutes and the process is tape recorded. During this process, the interviewer will ask you and all the other candidates the same set of structured job-related questions. However, during the interview, the interviewer may ask as many follow-up questions as necessary in order to clarify answers. Using information from your application form and considering your responses, the interviewer will evaluate and compare you with all the other candidates according to the same set of standards.Types of InterviewsI-Job-related InterviewCandidates are asked questions pertaining to how they would handle job knowledge. Interviews tapping job knowledge offer a way to assess a candidate's current level of knowledge related to relevant implicit dimensions of job performanceII-Situational InterviewCandidates are interviewed about what actions they would take in various job-related situations. For example, "A major duty of your job involves interacting with the public. If an irate employee came into your department and angrily demanded to know why his/her vacation was denied, what would you do?"III-PresentationThis technique entails the job candidate giving oral responses to job-related questions asked by a committee of interviewers. Each member of the committee then rates each interviewee on presentation skills. For example, prior to the interview, the candidate will have time to study a few technical questions, and prepare their responses for presentation to the raters."IV-Role PlayingCandidates are asked to pretend that they already have the job and must interact with another employee to solve a problem. The other employee is usually a trained Human Resources Specialist. For example, the candidates are asked to play a particular role, such as a supervisor, to show how they interact with others.V. Behavioral InterviewThis technique involves asking all candidates standardized questions about how they handled past situations that were similar to situations they may encounter on the job. The interviewer may also ask discretionary probing questions for details of the situations, the candidate's behavior in the situation and the outcome. For example, "The interview is a very important event. To increase your chances of having a positive interview, you must prepare yourself carefully to ensure that your knowledge, abilities and experience are communicated clearly to the employer.VI. Stress InterviewThis technique utilizes...

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