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The event that I attended was on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This event was a keynote presentation by Chuck D, the founder of the famous rap group “Public Enemy.” This presentation by Chuck D was very inspirational for me, as well as the others who were in attendance that day. He talked about life and how we are all here to build character along with skills in order to have a fulfilling and successful life, and we should not let anyone take that right away from us. This event was held on the Allendale Campus in one of the lecture halls in the Kirkhoff Center. The area was large to allow room for the large audience, as many people attended this event that day. Faculty and staff attended this ...view middle of the document...

We must not focus solely on receiving an education to obtain a solid career one day, but we must use this time to build character, and to build skills that we will use in our daily lives that will help us achieve that ultimate goal. This is the right that we have and no one can take that away from us no matter how hard he or she try. It would be a violation against our natural rights for someone to take the right to an education, and the right to a better life, away from us. This idea of a proper education makes up our identity, and without it, we will not be as strong as we should be. To bond with one another and help each other achieve our life goals will help make us stronger individuals, as well as a stronger group as a whole. The power of an education resides in ourselves; it is up to us to focus on this natural right and to use this ability to its full extents so that we will have a fulfilling and happy life. If we are able to achieve this, no one is able to take that right away from us. This is one of the most important rights that we have and our actions contribute greatly to how this right differs from person to person. If we take this right for granted, and receive an education without fully acquiring the benefits, this will be a right that has gone to waste. Our education and right to a free life is very important and without the proper use of an education, our life may not be as fulfilling and worthwhile as we had hoped it to be. This event sent a strong message as to the importance of an education and the various aspects that are included into making your education the best it can be. If we do not fully exercise this right, then we are cheating ourselves out of a better life and we are being unfair to ourselves.
This was a very moving and inspirational speech by Chuck D that acquired me to think about my life and how my actions contribute to the outcome of how my life is lived. I felt very inspired by this event and it made me realize that I should not take what I have for granted, I may have this right to an education, but that does not mean I should sit by while the time passes me. I need to take the many opportunities that are presented in my daily life and pursue multiple dreams, as they will help me live a more fulfilling life. If this assignment was not a requirement, I do not believe that I would have attended this event. However, now that I have attended an event like this, it has opened my eyes...

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