Hungry Planet: A Study Of Photographical Rhetoric Through The Global Food Economy

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In the early 1800s a young French inventor, by the name of Nicéphore Niépce, began to perfect the science of modern, camera photography. From “selfies” with Pope Francis, to Eddie Adams famous, Vietnam era photograph of Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executing Nguyễn Văn Lém . Photography has revolutionized the way that we communicate to each other; the world has not been the same since. When used candidly, the camera’s innate ability to capture the world it sees accurate is skewed only by the the person controlling its direction.
What are rhetoric appeals? How do they tie into the world of photography? Rhetorical appeal can be thought of a as a triangle; on one corner you have ethos. Ethos is the appeal to credibility or the ethics of the photographer. On another corner, you have pathos, which is defined as the appeal to the audiences emotion. Lastly, on the final corner, you have logos. Logos is the appeal to logic. The audience will decide if the photographer is logical and reasonable.
Let us fast forward roughly 200 years; the world’s population has exploded, agriculture has changed, diets have changed, and in many countries the typical day to day lifestyle of its citizens have changed. America has become a country of tremendous wealth and has largely broken away from the rest of the world, in almost every conceivable aspect. In this paper I will try to tackle the aspects of rhetorical appeal, while educating you on the issues that are facing the global food economy. I will also try to explain how all of this, along with a family from Egypt, and Peter Menzel factor into American food culture.
Peter Menzel is a photojournalist best known for his works in the New York Times, Time magazine, and National Geographic. He has covered countless stories. Accompanied by his wife, a writer; Peter, has become a food activists of sorts. Publishing two books in the last decade, both exploring the contrast of diets globally, while at the same time exposing the problems the American people face via their diets. Hungry Planet is one such project in which, Peter and his wife traverse 24 countries, describing what families in each country eat in a week. Also chronicled, are what each family spends on their weekly diet, through Peter’s wonderful pictures. The family we will be taking a closer look at is the Ahmed Family, of Egypt.
Before we explore the Ahmed family, we must first have some context to explain why they eat the way that they eat. To understand this we must understand Egypt, in particular Cairo. One of the first thoughts that comes to mind when looking at Peter’s picture of the Ahmed Family, is the amount of whole foods that the family eats on a weekly basis. There are very few processed or packaged foods. This would seem to be a very healthy diet, but is it? This is a very common diet in Cairo, in fact you might find similar diets in parts of Europe, in places like Southern Italy, Greece, or Spain. You may also find that the rest of Africa has several...

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