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How far would you go to make a real change for your country? Or what’s the limit for you to start to do something? Barbara Arredondo in time of violence in Mexico (2011) "I decided to look out for the Mother Teresa’s, Einstein’s and Gandhi's from the XXI century, and I have found them". She was a journalist that worked in the hardest moments of violence in Monterrey, Arredondo said (2012) she was tired of watching and hearing always only violence in the news.
The limit for her was when, Barbara Arredondo (2013), “The limit for me was when two blocks away from my office, there was a massacre, where a fire killed 52 people in casino. That’s when I decided that I had to do something”. Barbara stated that “In times of war or violence there isn’t always just negative news, I believe that there is always a light in time of darkness”. At the age of 28 she created the social movement called I am here.

I am here it's a special and international movement of transformation that emerged in Monterrey in 2011, Barbara Arredondo (2013). She gathered more than 20 inspirational speakers from Mexico and from all over the world to share their own stories, projects and experiences. Their themes in their conferences are attached to their own personal idea for change to inspire others by their words and actions they have made.
Each of them has something on common to make a positive change to our community and to state the same question, “why I am here?” (2013). The main topic for the speakers centers around the themes of reconstruction and integration of groups that have experienced violence, justice and forgiveness, community development, empowerment and development, health, spirituality, entrepreneurship and promoting peace.
To Arredondo I am here is more than a congress to share ideas “we seek detonate a movement where exhibitors have made life their ideas through concrete projects that inspire others to discover their potential and their talents, transforming them first and then contribute to their community” (2013). Among the...

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