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The movie was written and directed by Frank Darabont. The film is based on the novel written by Stephen King. It was released in the theatres on 1oth December 1994. The movie was named the green mile because of the dark green linoleum that tiles the floor. The main featured character is Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) who acts as the head of the guard in the Green Mile. The film can be classified into the following genres: Drama, Mystery and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy this is based on the events that unfold from the different scenes in the film. (King)
The cast for the film is as follows: Tom Hanks (Paul Edgecomb), Bonnie Hunt (Jan Edgecomb), James Cromwell (Warden Hal Moores), David Morse (Brutus Howel), Michael Clarke Duncan (John Coffey) and Michael Jeter (Eduard Del Delacro) among others.
Most of the scenes in this film were performed at the green mile where the execution of the death sentences used to be made. The exercise was done by the use of an electric chair. Paul was the head of the guards in charge of the executions at the prison. The death execution was being made in a Louisiana penitentiary during the Depression. (LLC)
Paul aside from his duties, his is nice and has a competent and humane except for the loathsome Percy, whose aunt is married to the governor, and he wants to stay and mistreat the inmates that have been brought in the Green Mile for the Death Row execution. He is the one who admits John Coffey the one who comes to make things turn around in the full Green Mile.
With the encounter of Coffey, the summer hasn’t been good for Paul, he has been suffering from a serious disease he can’t make love to his wife and he has got a problem going for short calls. At the work place, Percy is like a pin the ass, he is arrogant, careless and mean. He wants to mistreat the inmates together with his colleagues. On some particular execution in one of the scenes, he wants to give the commands and yet he is not in charge of the team. This frustrates Paul, Percy, uses the privilege that the aunt can protect him from anything and that she can get him any job he wants in the state since she is married to the governor.
During the execution of one inmate Percy is given the chance as he wished so as to give the commands; the work supposed to be made by his senior, Paul, he then messes the whole procedure. He ignores to soak the sponge in water for the electrification, this result to the burning of the inmate, bringing shame to the whole Green Mile fraternity.
The coming of Coffey brings a new life to Paul. Paul is healed from his painful disease by Coffey. Percy and Brutus Howell are taught a lesson by Coffey. Coffey makes Percy shoot an inmate who had been nuisance in the prison. In doing so, Percy pays for his arrogance as he stands to face charges of killing an inmate inappropriately. He, therefore, has to behave himself. Paul and his other guards plan and sneak out Coffey to go and heal Melinda Moores, the daughter to Warden Hall...

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