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Primordial school
Primordial school and modernist school are two very important main streams in identity study. Especially, in the national identity study, both of them have involved the study of nationalism and have a very unlike view of it. And they are often highly debated of the origins of nations and their identity.
The root of primordial school is originally based on the German romanticism and it mainly argues how those fixed factors influence in identity shape process. Those factors are constantly stable throughout the history and hardly changed. The factors have been passed on to generations and constructing the identity of people who lives in nowadays. For example, language is one ...view middle of the document...

This could be evidently showed in the dynastic community, the kings and royal family members in Europe sharing a close kinship which made the power flow inside the small ruling class. It is more generally to see are the tribes identifying themselves from each other by this kinship, not only remained in a small family membership but also much more extensive and broad level. Therefore, identity can be shaped and constructed through a fixed or pre-existed biological and genetic connection. And this is one of the primary ideas of primordial school for identity study.
The primordial school is also emphasizing the importance of the culture roots as one of the impacts on identity. For primordial school, culture has its origin and it is more likely to look at the past. In other words, cultural impacts are always tending to trace back to the history. Culture is also a very strong reference to resemble a specific identity. When people living in a community which has a past that can be traced back and if this historical past has regained its meaning at the present, people whoever in that community or recognize that will certainly share a common identity. Simply to say, cultural effects such as custom, manner, religion and so on will help to form an identity. And these effects also can be passed on and inherited from the history and affect our identity in nowadays.
Modernist school
Modernist school is different from primordial school. It basically argues that identity is imagined by us. People are imagining the situation that they have a shared common identity with others. This imagining can be both the imagination of factors or constitutive elements of people’s identity, or the illusion of other people that have the shared and same ideals as they perceived or treasured by themselves. This is what identity comes from. So primarily, I think modernist school disapproves large parts of the identity shaping factors by manifesting that most of these factors are capable of being invented or envisioned in human mind. And this imagination and invention can be either intentionally or accidentally.
For example the culture roots of identity initially go back to the religious community. In this particular community, the beginning of its shared common identity is the sacred language spoken by those religion believers. This language differentiation makes them aware of their similarity and uniqueness from other people. And it starts from those people who using the sacred language recording ideas and thoughts. They have formed a community sharing those ideas. And later, by the gradually spreading of the religion, this community has extended its boundary and not only people who spoke the sacred language, but also people whoever believes in their ideas and thoughts. I think this could show that people united by the common language, and they believe that other languages speaker are the same people as they are because this language has its special using for the religious...

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