Ikea, Cb1 And Restoration Hardware: Website Analysis.

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What Makes a Great Website?IKEA.IKEA's website starts out by offering the visitor 35 different language choices. This was an exciting and unique way to begin the shopping experience. Each language choice has a unique first page, which speaks to the culture of that country. The initial page also lists two recalled items, which was a show of great customer service due to the location at the top of the page and the size of the recall notification. This was impressive as this was not something that would bring in additional revenue but spoke only to customer service.Visitors touring the site are immediately aware of the simplicity and organization that the site has to offer. Moving from page to page is easy. The colors are great and the prices are readily identifiable. Items are available in a variety of colors and the visitor can easily click on the preferred color and see the actual item in the chosen color. No color swatches here. The visitor can view the actual chair that they have chosen in the color of their choice. Items are completely described making it easy for the visitor to feel confident that the item will meet their unique needs in the areas of size, fabric blends and laundry instructions. It seems that there are no surprises waiting for the buyer when the item actually arrives.The web designers followed understood standards for design and used white backgrounds with bright, easy to read type, copyrights are at the bottom of each page along with the site index and privacy issues statement.The site could be improved by enlarging the size of the displayed items in each section of the site. The initial view of each item is very small and this tends to give the viewer a negative initial first look at the items. When site visitor moves forward in the site and selects a particular item, they are larger and the choice to enlarge them is given however, making each item larger for the initial view would be more pleasing to the eye.Crate and Barrel.The opening page of Crate and Barrel's website is bright and pretty. The top of the page is concise, clear and gives the visitor an easy way to navigate the site. The customer can choose a specific site to look in or if the customer has a specific item in mind and is in possession of the SKU#, the customer can simply type that number in the search window and the item searched for will be found immediately. This feature is a time saver for the customer, will definitely create smiles for the busy professional who knows what they want, and simply needs to order that specific item.The site also offers the visitor the option of going to CB2, which is a new site that the business has chosen to offer. This site seems to have been designed for the younger, computer savvy crowd. It was not as beautiful and glamorous as the initial site and gave the impression that cheaper merchandise was behind "door number one". This turned out to be a false impression. CB2 was a disappointing site and not as easy to navigate...

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