Important Things To Consider In Your Postnatal Training

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Getting pregnant is one of the most natural events in the world, and yet, even in this modern times, not everyone understands the extreme importance that needs to be placed on the health and fitness of a pregnant woman.

Health Concerns

Unless you is already grounded in the value of keeping fit through a regular exercise routine and keeping to a proper diet, you will need to carefully map out your health concerns months before you gets pregnant.

If you do not prepare ahead of time, you could run the risk of experiencing elevated blood pressure, depression, excessive weight gain, or diabetes.

You could also be doing yourself a disservice by adhering to an imbalanced diet, as well as a lack of physical activity at the levels you need to stay fit and healthy.

Changes During Pregnancy

Depending on your physical condition before you got pregnant, any or all of these changes and their effects may occur during your pregnancy:

• your center of gravity will shift as your abdomen increases in size – this can affect your posture and sense of balance
• your muscles and bones could get stressed as your weight increases – the stress is usually proportional to the amount of weight that you gain. Generally, average weight gain is about 2 to 4 pounds during the first trimester, and an additional pound a week as your pregnancy progresses. This should be less if you’re overweight, and more if you are underweight.
• your metabolic rates will increase – this could cause you to feel hungry more often, which is why you could end up overeating and piling on the extra weight
• your joints and ligaments could become more lax, due to the extra-increased production of progesterone – this could also affect your sense of balance and ability to have well-coordinated movements, as well as result in dislocations and weakness, and sprains in your ankles or knees.
• you may find that some physical activities (such as climbing stairs) which used to be easy for you to do before, are becoming harder due to increased weight - this could result in some difficulty in breathing, slight dizziness, and weakness in your lower extremities.

These are just some...

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