Inclusion In Uae A Critical Report

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The UAE was formed by the union of the coastal sheikdoms around the Arabian Gulf in 1971 by an agreement for a Federal Constitution. The country has forged ahead and the economy grew because of its oil wealth. Although now the economy is not reliant on oil and revenues come in from tourism, real estate and trading. This has promoted development in other areas like social, cultural and education. It also brought in a great influx of expat community and the Emirati population is only 20% (Gaad, 2006).
The Education is under the direction of Ministry of Education (MOE). It encompasses of the government funded public schools where in the UAE nationals study free and the private schools cater to the expat population where MOE is responsible for the licensing (Bradshaw, 2004). Education is compulsory till grade 9.The country follows the Islamic human rights that every individual has a right to education (Bradshaw, 2004). The development in the education paved way to cater to the education of special needs and it began in a segregated setting called ‘Centre’s for Special Needs’ under the direction of MOSA.
The first step towards declaring education as a right and that guaranteed equal opportunities for all came into effect through the Federal Law no. 29/2006. Though the law doesn’t insist that schools are the only place the SEN individual can be educated.

Intital Projects towards inclusion
After that the MOE began to start projects. It was later amended in 2009

Though UAE is moving towards an inclusive education there are many factors hindrance and limitations which is
Cultural challaneges
UAE is a fast growing, rich developing nation the learners with special needs face great hurdles as this group is often overlooked in a school which has got a diverse population. It is found that though all the participants feel they are open-minded and perceptive of different cultures existing in the country but they fail to understand and accept the diverse culture. To empower the teachers to educate the students that come from various cultural back grounds research has...

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