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Imagine living in a society full of equality, where everyone would have the same income, house, and social class, in other words a ‘perfect’ world, free of competition, greed, classes, and more importantly inequality. Unfortunately, living in classless society falls under the category of a utopia, as long as greed exists in the heart of society, inequality and the division between classes is not going to end. As Mary Douglas once stated, “Inequality can have a bad downside, but equality, for its part, sure does get in the way of coordination.” If in today’s society, social classes is more important than race and inequality is breeding more inequality, what effects is elevating the low income class going to have on our society and our way of living, will this further shorten the gap or perhaps break the balance between social classes?
In Matthew O’Brien’s article, “RIP, American Dream? Why It’s So Hard for the Poor to Get Ahead Today,” published on June 2013 in The Atlantic, the author presents how today’s economy is based in more inequality and not equality, and how it has affected the economy’s mobility by further widening the social class gap between the people at the top incomes and the less fortunate at the lower income. Listing several issues such as the deregulation in Wall Street, globalization, and even marriage, the author illustrates how America’s top one percent has caused the widening of the economic gap between the top and the rest of society. For instance, O’Brien presents marriage as a tool by “widening inequality today, and helping it wide tomorrow.”(O’Brien) Furthermore, he connects the children’s education with the marriage, and suggests that parents should invest more in their toddler’s education. However, in today’s America, described by O’Brien as the contrary of a ‘classless society’, O’Brien points out how the high achieving, poor students due to their lack of resources and advising they usually end up applying to community colleges rather than applying to selective schools. Finally, O’Brien concludes that to end this inequality, “we need to reach kids during those formative years” and “kids who are thriving in high school to keep thriving in the right college” (O’Brien).
In “When Class Became More Important to a Child’s Education Than Race,” published on August 2013 on The Atlantic, the columnist editor and author Sarah Garland informs how the people at the top income level is investing resources into their children’s education, widening the academic division between the low, middle, and high income classes, stating that these children are more likely to stay the way they were born either rich or poor. Garland compares how half-century ago, “black children lagged behind their white peers in school by more than three years and how poor children were behind a year from wealthy children, to todays America’s underprivileged children that decrease at achievement levels up to four years behind wealthy children” (Garland)....

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