Influence Of Uefa Euro 2012 On The Polish Economy

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My paper is going to focus on the influence of the event that took place in Poland in 2012, namely UEFA European Football Championship 2012, how it has changed different ranges of polish economy and what could be possible further changes in development of this country. Sport championships are great growth opportunity, especially for developing countries about which was loud last time. This is a pull factor of advantages which can happen in certain country. This kind of event could only make the economy better. The same assumptions, we can personalize with the event, that took place in Poland in 2012, “The UEFA EURO 2012”, which was I believe one of the largest Polish projects in recent years. I will analyze how event affected the Polish economy, what are today visible effects, and what may be in the future. Deduction effects for the future will be based on various sources of the changes in components of gross domestic product (GDP), and what are the factors of these changes.
Poland is a developing country in the central Europe. Looking on this type of influence it is worth to figure out how the international interaction event, can influence the growth of Poland, as an example of a developing country. The goal of this paper is to check and evaluate the changes in the district of Polish GDP. The comparison of the economic situation of Poland, before the Championships, during, and after them in different concepts of long time and shirt time period, and effects event seen currently in polish economic situation. I will focus on GDP and how different ranges of economy has influenced it.
UEFA EURO 2012, was the fourteenth UEFA European Championship, which is a football competition of men’s national teams of the members of the Union of European Football Association (UEFA). It is the biggest football championship in Europe regularly organized by UEFA since 1968. Poland and Ukraine has one the Championships in the final round, gaining a majority of votes. “Poland and Ukraine will organize the European Championships in 2012.”- decided in 18th of April 2007, in Cadriff Executive Committee of European Football Association.
I was doing a research basing on the values of the ingredients of the GDP, the changes in them and how this changes combines into the growth or fall in polish economy, its development. Knowing the gross domestic product theory I could estimate basing on the collected data, what influence had the UEFA on the ingredients of the GDP and what goes further the influence on all Polish economy.
To investigate the effects of Championships I had to base on a certain data and a theory that will use in essay. There are listed below the theories and definitions which I used in my essay to briefly explain main effects of UEFA 2012 on Polish economy, in the following years. These theories are:
- Gross domestic product is the most important measure of the economic statement of the country. GDP is defined as the market value of all final...

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