Information Technology Solutions In Real Estate. Essay

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Extensive accessibility of wireless connectivity is a vital ENABLER for improving productivity in the real-estate sector. Information Technology (IT) assists in reducing challenges and building inefficiencies which increases profit of real-estate transactions in each step of process (Criterion Corporation, 2004). IT can track slow-downs and bottlenecks in the system. With incoming referrals and repeat customers, the capability to remain updated is critical to the success of the real-estate transaction in a highly competitive industry. Wireless technology information can be accessed and provide immediate resultsThe current network setup for the real-estate company is one desktop Pentium 4 gigahertz computer, one digital camera, and a notepad and pen. Deficiencies in the current system include time consumption due to manual data entry from the office, and a delay in sales information.Upgrade procedures include purchasing a new Pentium 4 gigahertz Centrino based tablet PC with a wireless CDMA PC per agent. For every 300 feet of branch space the requirements are one wireless 802.11G router and 6 feet of Ethernet cable. To initiate this purchase an operational budget needs t be developed, the team needs buy-in to commit to using the system, understanding this will increase sales and decrease inefficiencies. Functional requirements of the system are to keep everything running and perform the upgrade without any downtime. The IT project will eliminate bottlenecks by increasing the capacity of the system, efficient time management of data input from any location at anytime allowing. The project will also give agents the opportunity to do timely presentations with clients in Microsoft PowerPoint and view virtual tours of other houses on the go leading to enhanced opportunities...

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