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How to Shoot a Jump Shot
In the early 1940’s, a man by the name of Kenny Sailors changed the game of basketball. While all other players remained on the ground when they shot the ball, Sailors changed the game by jumping and releasing the ball. This at first stunned players, coaches, and referees throughout all leagues and ages. Kenny Sailors was the father of the jump shot; yet he also lead the University of Wyoming to its’ only National Collegiate Athletic Association Championship in 1943. The jump shot is a very important piece of the game of basketball. This shot is one of the main ways to score in the game. While professional players and college players may make this skill ...view middle of the document...

Both of your toes should be pointed towards the rim. Your body needs to be squared away with the rim at any angle you’re shooting at.

2. Arm Mechanics:
A. How one holds the ball is just as important as balance. If you hold the ball out in front of you in one hand so the ball is resting in your palm, there should be small gaps of daylight coming through your palm. You don’t completely want the ball to be flat in your palm.
B. Secondly, your fingers on your shooting hand should be spread apart, but still lay in a relaxed fashion.
C. When you are holding your arm up in shooting position, your elbow should be in a ninety degree angle with your forearm and upper arm (see Figure 1).
D. Then, your wrist should also form a ninety degree angle.
• Note: This is a good spot to check for daylight in your shooting palm.
E. When you shoot the basketball, you want to make sure your arm moves on a straight path up and out from your body.
• Note: If your elbow tends to move out away from your body, the flight of the ball will not be straight towards the basket. You may still make some shots, but this reduces your chances for success greatly.

3. Guide Hand:
A. Your guide hand is your non-shooting hand or off hand. This hand simply helps guide the ball upwards, but it pulled away just before the ball is released.
B. The guide hand is placed on the side of the ball.
C. The fingers on the guide hand are spread out and relaxed, lightly supporting the ball.

4. Vision:
A. When looking at the basket, many players debate where they look when they shoot. Some players look at the front of the rim, while others pick a particular spot off the back...

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