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The nations are becoming more and more interconnected. I think that the move toward a global economy is ultimately negative. There are many reasons why I think it's negative, there are many events that can prove this, but only one that impacted the most. One of the biggest things that can impact the global economy for all nations is the religion. The religion was a big conflict back then and still is now. If the nations become a global economy then there is going to be disagreements and huge dilemmas. As we saw back then the national unification in Germany failed due to religion. And there were problems between Muslims and Hinduisms with Britain. There's also the Treaty of Versaille and the ...view middle of the document...

But the Hindus and Muslims rebelled against the British when rumors spread out that the ranks that ammunition cartridges were greased with pig and cow fat. These were sacred animals to them so they rebelled against them. So the Indians and British go on war. This is a big conflict and if it becomes globally then the conflicts would be increased.
Another negative point would be disagreement. A good example is the Treaty of Versaille. The Treaty of Versaille is a great example because many nations are involved in it, And great nations. The Treaty of Versaille was an agreement with Germany. It required Germany to pay reparations, or war costs, to the allies, which was $30 billion. France had two debt problems and one of them was Germany's inability to keep up with reparations, payments, and their own debts to the USA. Germany was economically devastated by the war. Disagreement is a big part of the problem because if one nation disagrees with another one then they will both fail. The two nations will not go far and maybe declare war on each other, that's why agreement is important, but we can see disagreement will definitely happen if global economy happens.
Another big part of the problem of having global economy would be if a depression occurs. Like the Great Depression the USA went through. And not just the United States suffered because of this, many other nations suffered equally. A depression is a long, severe period of economic decline, characterized by...

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