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Through our daily lives, we all consume, purchase and utilize multitudes of products that we sometimes neglect to fully understand how they were able to reach our possession. The uproar of clothing made in sweatshops overseas by under aged laborers fills the newspapers and protest are seen worldwide on the issue, but the truth of the matter is that the United States have a child labor issue right here in our own backyard and a simple internet video, Veggies Gone Wild!!! by the Human Rights Watch organization on YouTube led to research a scenario that is not usually considered as middle class families sit down for their nightly dinners.
Creating videos to share on the internet is becoming a tool that is utilized by many activist organizations because of the low cost of hosting the videos and the ability to have the video to reach genres that might never have seen it before. By taking on the popularity of stop action filming, the video is a constant streaming of fresh fruits and vegetables, creating eye-catching words and shapes with a light and airy music that draws you into a subject that is far more serious than the atmosphere of the video presents. You are eventually presented with real, live-action video of children working in the fields to pick the same fruits and vegetables seen in the earlier footage. In the end, the video encourages viewers to contact their congressmen and push for the support of US House Resolution 3564, The Children’s Act for Responsible Employment (CARE Act). The shock factor that the children the video references are from the United States is shortly followed by clips from the documentary, The Harvest, directed by Roberto Romano and produced by Eva Longria.
Response to the video in the comments was incredibly varied, with some stating it was a great video to identify unacceptable labor practices; others took the time to bring issues of illegal immigration as a “fault” causing an acceptance to the issue in rural communities. It seems as though every time there is an opportunity to post comments or discussion to a post or video, there is always a group of people us respond in a very uneducated matter as though they completely understand the...

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