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Lighthouse Project is a pediatrics mental health clinic that integrates therapies, such as play therapy, to assist children in overcoming problems at home and in school due to their disorders and disabilities. The staff at Lighthouse Project split their time between clinic-based work in their San Jose clinic and school-based work at various Gilroy school districts. At the clinic the staff works strictly with high functioning children, providing both individual and group therapy sessions, similarly, in the school-based setting they do individual and group sessions, however, the individuals worked with are both low and high functioning. The purpose of the Lighthouse Project clinic is to incorporate different programs to engage the child and improve abilities that are debilitating, this is done with programs at the clinic involving social skills development, sensory integration and sensory processing, as well as fine motor/handwriting skills. At the schools the purpose is to close or minimize the gap between how much the child can achieve on their own and what other classmates are able to achieve on their own, the basic ideology is to have the child be able to achieve specific goals that those in their grade level are able to do, such as by first grade the child should be able to cut out outlines on paper with scissor, however some of our children are unable to do so and instead can only manage to snip the paper. Our organization also works with other agencies and individuals. Specifically, in the clinic we work with other professionals such as speech pathologist because we don’t have one at our clinical site but should a client need those services we are able to refer them or have them come to the clinic to provide those services. In the schools we work with school officials, e.g. principal, psychologist, teacher, physical education instructor, parents of child, especially when doing Individualized Educational progress reports which is used to inform the parents of their child’s progress, new developments, to take in a child for special needs, and to opt them out if they’ve achieved all their goals. In both the...

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1956 words - 8 pages This paper focuses on the personal experiences gained from the internship while supporting the functions of Human Resources (HR) at the University of Texas at El Paso. The HR department provides a variety of services to all Staff, Faculty and Student employees. Throughout the internship, knowledge and skills have been obtained in the specific area of employment and recruitment. Personal experiences such as; conducting criminal background checks

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2758 words - 11 pages My internship placement is a non-profit organization that provides a comprehensive range of programs to address and end intimate partner violence. During the week I split my time between two locations; the main building in downtown Boston, and at an 18-month long transitional living program for young women (ages 15-21) who are either pregnant or parenting. The transitional living program, that I will refer to as ABC, is a house that can


1406 words - 6 pages The senior that I chose to interview was Devon Smith also known “Mouse”. Devon is a graduate of Laurel High School and is currently attending Bowie State University. He is a student athlete and a member of the Pedology program. In this interview I will ask questions in regards to his field placement to better understand how and why things work when entering the field. I feel as though I am prepared for my internship, but hopefully after

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3476 words - 14 pages sending . Once the overseas partner receive them, the business deal is perfectly completed. There are several important things I need to note and remember. Firstly, for any documents that will be sent to Japan, I must attach each original paper with its copy. Secondly, theFedEx envelop or pack that used for sending documents are needed to be writen the Airway bill and recipients on top. Analysis and Evaluation 1/ The usefulness of internship work

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759 words - 4 pages Peta-Gay Pinnock HCM 422 Internship Summary Paper Internship at James A Lovell Federal Health Care Center The goal of the internship was to complete a 150 hours and provide a weekly summary of activities. In order to get the internship I had to do a phone screening with Tatonya Tigue. She is the administrative assistant to Commander Christian Wallis. Who is the Assistant Associate Director of Facility Support and also the internship

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703 words - 3 pages 1.1. Introduction This chapter gives an introduction of the company where internship project were performed. The company's name O3B NETWORKS stands for “Other Three Billion”. There are estimated three billion people on earth who are either unable to reach internet or having very slow internet connectivity with means of terrestrial internet communication services. The O3B NETWORKS is aiming to provide high-speed internet and telecommunications

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1099 words - 5 pages The O3B NETWORKS operational headquarters in The Hague has built a particular section to demonstrate their products' value to customers. This section is called EBC, Executive Briefing Centre. It is managed by the Product Development department. The EBC is well designed and fully customer focused since it plays a vital rule for marketing and demonstrating O3B NETWORKS’s products. The best effort would be made to facilitate the EBC with devices

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669 words - 3 pages Internships can be two kinds: one which is paid and another which is unpaid. Although internships are a great way to get work experiences that will strength job applications, college students will think seriously when an internship is unpaid; college students may think an unpaid internship can be lots of work, training may be limited, and the most important is that they will lose opportunity costs to an unpaid internship if they are taking on

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1848 words - 8 pages and the Kindred nursing home in Greenfield. The areas that I was involved in Edelweiss can be seen in the Experience with population section above. At the hospital the duties required were: passing water to patients and spending, filling folders for new patients and spending time with the patients that had no visitors. During this seeing the difference that one person can make when they show people they are important became clear. The internship

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937 words - 4 pages system is functional. Also, I have slowly learned that the language and particular actions are norms within the company that in turn produce shortcuts for accomplishing tasks that the employees have learned along the way.I have been employed at (company name) for a couple of years prior to this internship, yet I was completely unaware of the culture that for many of the employees don?t realize that certain phrases and actions constitute a culture

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2963 words - 12 pages all the teachers in making charts, cards and dice using simple materials like paper, scale, adhesive and colored pens.Day 2: 27th JulyThe second day started off with a feedback session on the last day's activities. All the teachers shared their views, their likes and dislikes, on the last day's activities. Shukla Ji then wanted to make those teachers come out more openly who had been hesitant during the earlier sessions. He picked some of them and

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4875 words - 20 pages learning to the organizational setting. For the attainment of that purpose curriculum and syllabus is designed in a manner so that students are facilitated to give practical or empirical experience to some extent. As an BBA student of University Of South Asia, with Finance and Banking, I felt financial institution was my destiny to gather the real practical knowledge. With a view to develop skilled professional in that area, the internship