Is Sayano Shushenskaya Power Station Plant

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2.0 Management and operation

Management structures is the most essential arrangement, it appears in every type of organization including government departments, non-government organizations (NGOs), charities, and even the local sporting association. Therefore selecting the proper management structure makes certain an organization has nonstop expansion, In other hand choosing the wrong structure produces tensions between employees and managers, which allows unproductive work practices to burgeon and reduces company profitability. In the worst case, a faulty management structure can lead to company finality (Bombaci,CPA., n.d., pp. 1-3).
For that reason, there are a number of key components that strengthen a management structure and should be considered when put into practice a new structure.
Several of these key components are:
• Complexity
• Task definition
• Co-ordination
• Type of Influence
• Vertical
• Communication Style
• Horizontal differentiation
• Centralization
• Spatial differentiation
• Formalization

Figure 2

3.0 Industrial process

RusHydro is established as part of Russia’s privatization movement in December 2004, even though the Russian government owns most of its shares (about 60%). RusHydro still possess 55 hydro plants, is the leading power company in Russia by installed capacity estimated (25.4 GW) and the second-largest hydroelectric power company in the world. The energy generated by SSH, about 23.5 TWh annually, was about one-quarter of that produced by RusHydro’s resources for the Unified Energy Systems of Russia and Siberia. United Company Rusal’s aluminum smelters have the most generated energy about 70%, which produce about 12% of the world’s aluminum (Boyko and Popov et al., 2010)

At the start of construction in 1961, and before the accident, Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Station was the largest hydroelectric power station in Russia and the sixth-largest hydroelectric power station in the world by considering the average power station. The length of the completed dam is 1,066 meters (m), and it rises 242 m above the river floor thus, SSH was the largest hydro power plant in the world. The dam is of the arch-gravity type its width of the dam is 105.7 m at its base and 25 m on the ridge, a design where the center of the dam extends upstream and ends arch back in order to direct most of the hydrostatic force against the canyon walls. The maximum capacity of the spillway has maximum capacity that agrees on 13,600 m3/sec (3.6 million gallons/sec). (Grudina V and Efimova D, n.d.). The project’s turbine gallery housed 10 turbine units, each rated at 640 MW but each capable of peaking up to 720 MW. Rated head for each of the hydro turbines was 192 m.

Figure 3

3.1 Operation Function

The Sayano–Shushenskaya power plant features units of 10 hydro turbines and generators supplied by JSC Power...

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