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For some people the Holocaust never ends. As a survivor once said, “For me the Holocaust has not ended.” Even after such a long period of time, there are many long term effects on them. This major genocide affects how these people live today. Now even the second generation, children of survivors, are being affected. The holocaust still affects people today, even though it happened 80 years ago.
There are many long term psychological effects on holocaust survivors still. Scientists have discovered that there are 4 main after effects that impact the average survivor: avoidance of the past, Flashbacks or nightmares, hard time sleeping, and emotional numbing (Katz). Post-traumatic stress may also occur and their psychological well-being will never fully recovered (Barel). In the areas of mental and physical health researchers did not see much of a substantial change (Barel). Some experts believed at first, when the war finally ended, the survivors may have suffered from a disease called static concentration camp syndrome (Beyer). According to the National Institute of Health static concentration camp syndrome is “A psychiatric syndrome following overwhelming stress after an interval of more than thirty years is described in holocaust survivors who had claimed compensation for persecution between 1939 and 1945.” Research shows that survivors may be able to overcome their tragic past but it would be very tough (Barel). Even though they were lucky to survive, sometimes the memories make them wish they were the one who perished.
The holocaust impacted their lives greatly in many different ways. After the war survivors quickly remarried with the intent to rebuild their family that they lost (Katz). Most of the Jews immigrated to the United States when they were finally set free from the long frightening journey (Life after the Holocaust). However, living through a long challenging time of starvation, cruel enforced labor, and death in some ways made them stronger. For instance, this history made them stronger with a mental boost of confidence because it showed that anything life threw at them they could take (Life after the Holocaust). These survivors should not be labeled for this one period of time in their life because most of them had great lives after this massive tragedy; but most times are (Life after the Holocaust). Nevertheless, even if they did find love and have a happy life afterwards the journey was not over, and never will be. As survivors reached old age and retired, their trauma seemed to worsen, mostly...

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