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Jack and the Beanstalk is an original 1807 fantasy story. This story was first mentioned in a British folktale written by Benjamin Tabart called “Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Bean”. This story was the start of the “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Although this was not a huge hit. Jack and the beanstalks biggest sell was in 1890 written by Joseph Jacobs. This story was about a young boy who's family was extremely poor. One morning his mom told him to take there cow to the market to get some money for food. On his way jack met a man with what he said were magical beans. Jack was intrigued by these “magical” beans, so he gave the cow away in trade for the beans. When Jack comes home with no money, and just three beans his mom is extremely angry. She snatches the beans and tosses them out the window. The next morning there is a ginormous beanstalks outside there house. Jack is said to have climbed the beanstalk high into the clouds. At the top of the clouds, in some versions, jack reaches a castle. Jack creeps in the castle where he spots a giant. In some stories this giant has a name and in some he doesn't. Jack notices the giant counting gold and he wants some for himself. Jack is sensed by the giant, but not seen. As soon as the giant and the giants wife were sleeping jack quickly grabbed the bag of gold and escaped down the beanstalk. Jack is said to go back to more times with the wife. First time back up the steal a goose that lays golden eggs. Then the second time they stole a harp that play's by itself. This time they were nearly caught. The giant raced after jack down the beanstalk. Once Jack was near the bottom he called to his mother, “grab the axe”. Jack hits the ground and quickly cut the beanstalk down causing the giant to fall to his death. Jack and his family live happily ever after.
Jack and the Beanstalk is an old folk tale, where as the years of gone by many more folk tales have branched off of this folk tale. Not only that Jack and the...

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