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In life there is jealousy and revenge with in all people. In the book Serena by Ron Rash many underlying conflicts are addressed but jealousy and what a person will do to overcome that jealousy prevails as in life. Throughout the book Ron Rash leads the reader down a windy path of what Serena will do in order to gain the power and to get back at the people who cost her the most. She uses death and many other vengeful techniques to scare away and hurt the people who have caused her the most problems. Pemberton also gets revenge on the people who cause him hurt and problems rather than letting the problems solve themselves. Galloway, who is bound to Serena, acts out so many of her and ...view middle of the document...

Even though Rachel and Jacob get away Serena will push on to get revenge. Ron Rash uses the train station event as the beginning of Serena’s jealous streak. Then later on adds to it with the birth of Jacob and the death of Serena’s baby.
In Rash’s interpretation of Serena’s jealousy he also shows her revenge full side. He shows Pemberton giving money to Rachel, and Serena feeling it necessary to get revenge on her husband for giving his old lover money. She lets her hate of Rachel and Jacob get the best of her and cause her to lose her husband although she never truly acts as if she cared a whole lot for her husband. After sending him into the woods with Galloway, Pemberton runs into many problems on his hunt. All these problems were somehow brought about by his wife. After Pemberton is injured lying on the ground he tries to get Galloway to help him. Galloway tells Pemberton “She already has told me what to do I mean. Which is why I’ll be leaving you here” (Rash 362). After Galloway tells him of all the things she did to prepare for the death of Pemberton, Galloway also told Pemberton “She said to tell you she thought you the one man ever strong and pure enough to be her equaling, but you wanting that child alive showed the otherwise of that” (Rash 363). She really gives Pemberton what she thinks he really deserves. Rash shows us with this the true side of Serena with these events and how she has an evil side to her.
But Rash isn’t done there, He shows how jealousy and revenge has many different forms. Pemberton gets revenge on Dr. Cheney after the death of his child. The doctor said they were over reacting that she only had an upset stomach which could be cured with a peppermint but by the next day Serena was bleeding and there was nothing they could do to save the baby. Pemberton was so mad because he lost a son and the hopes of having any more children. The workers of the logging camp were talking about the doctor some time later. Henryson asked “Or why a hobo would sit the good doctor in a bathroom stall with his tongue cut out and a peppermint in each hand” (Rash 217). Pemberton really went all out when he killed somebody or better yet, sent Galloway to kill someone.
Ron Rash presents jealousy in many varieties...

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