Jennifer Lawrence: A Modern Hero Essay

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Society today has formed a twisted image for celebrities. Things that are inappropriate and unimportant have formed into the normal image. Of course as young people, we look up to celebrities. Lately, what is seen on tv is not what we need. I know someone that is an exception. Someone all over the big screen with a great attitude. Jennifer Lawrence is a hero because she accepts who she is and stands up for herself, she’s very humble, and she sets a good example for others because she knows she’s influential.

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence was born in Louisville, Kentucky on August 15, 1990. Her parents Karen and Gary owned a farm just outside of the city. Her and her older brothers, Blaine and Ben, lived a normal life. Jennifer was athletic throughout her younger years, participating in cheerleading, field hockey and softball. She also modeled and did some community theater, but she never imagined that she would become a famous actress.

Jennifer also admitted throughout high school, she wasn’t a stunning, popular girl.

She was average but yet, struggled with being bullied. In middle school she said she was unpopular and in elementary school she was constantly transferring schools due to her being bullied. Additional to the bullying, she struggled with having anxiety issues. Typical of bullies, Jennifer received a nickname of Nitro as in nitroglycerin. She said that the way she was treated then, helped build her character into who she is today, which is an extremely successful 23 year old. She graduated high school two years early with a 3.9 GPA.

Although she never believed she would receive fame, she was discovered in the spring of 2004. She traveled to New York with her mother when a stranger asked if they could have a picture of her. Next thing Jennifer knew, she had auditions for talent and modeling agencies. When she was at one audition, she was told that she had just performed the best cold read by a 14 year old that they’d ever heard. That’s when the skyrocket to success began.

Accordingly, she has been in movies seeming to be a hit in every role she appears in. Her first big movie role was playing Ree in Winter’s Bone when she first began to gain major amounts of stardom. She’s been in a number of movies but the most popular are Silver Linings Playbook, the X-Men Movies, House at the End of the Street,

and American Hustle. Topping the list of course is her role as lead heroine in the Hunger Games series. She plays Katniss Everdeen, turning her into an on screen hero as well as becoming a role model for many.

Now, Jennifer has an impressive amount of achievements. She is the youngest actress to be nominated for not only one; but two Academy Awards for best actress. She has awards in many categories for awards ranging from Outstanding Performance to Best Fight to Best Actress. She is the 21st centuries highest grossing action heroine, with her lovable character. Her success has progressed greatly in a brief amount of time and...

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