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Why am I pursuing a Doctorate?

My father’s mantra and lifelong dream was for me to become a medical doctor. After his death, I gravitated towards business but maintained limited connections with the hard sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). For my Advanced Level (A-Level) studies, I did Pure and Applied Mathematics and Accounting. At undergraduate level, I earned a Bachelor Degree in Applied Information Systems.

With a further three (3) years of hard work, I earned a Master’s of Science in Information, Computing and Telecommunications. I am also a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants. The UK National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) equates the ACCA ...view middle of the document...

As a business person and educator, research and teaching is not only a job alternative but a calling which allows me to foster young practitioners to focus their intellectual curiosity to develop new skills in business subject areas in this failing global economy.

Many have pursued their career as far as a Master’s Degree and have ventured into the world of work for financial gain and never seek to stimulate their intellect any further in this academic field thus creating a shortage of doctoral candidates and driving up demand for their services. Some have found the economic cost to be too high, and the period of study too long. Others did not get flexible working conditions for study, or the technology to pursue same. However, with the academic community becoming more and more mobile with the advancement of technology, this phenomenon created the opportunity to conduct relevant research to foster new knowledge in business administration formulating the justification for restructuring change and enhancing strategic successful professional practices.

The demand for concrete outcomes have not allow for much research to be done in the business studies especially in the areas of finance and accounting. For example, auditing and taxation are two specialist areas in which young minds struggle. Nevertheless, relevant and rigorous research can provide the opportunity to produce knowledge to formulate and redesign business rules and standards promoting functional and operational processes in the consultation of successful business practice.

Acquiring this doctorate can give me good job security and enhance the quality of our lecturing pool at the college where I am employed. It will also benefit the college’s maintenance of their accreditation status. Finally, I can share my knowledge to enhance and encourage business growth in the global market leaving a legacy of successful relevant business practices for the global audience.

Professional strengths

Multidisciplinary skill-set
I have a multidisciplinary skill-set with significant lecturing and work experience in the following areas - Mathematics, Information Systems, Accounting and Business, and Project Management.

I train local and international students and colleagues; manage multiple...

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