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As a child, I have always spent time with stuffed animals. While most children treated them as their best friends or even ‘students’, I treated mine in a different way. I would sit them down on the sofa and used them as my ‘patients’. Crazy, isn’t it? Even growing up, I was always the counselor to my other cousins. Whenever they argued with a friend or family member, they would turn to me to let all their thoughts out. Considering I was a very open minded child, they all confided in me. Eventually, the odds were not working in my favor and I was the one that needed help. I took advantage of the situation and took it as the opportunity to ask questions about the career I was always interested in. It is safe to say that that was the moment that my interest in the job arose.
As I took the interest profiler assessment, I began to doubt myself. I was unsure if this was the career that would fit me. When I finished, my three interest areas were social, artistic, and investigative. The top three occupations were ‘Middle School Teachers’, ‘Special Education Teachers’, and ‘Recreational Therapists”. I was overjoyed when I saw that a therapist was one of my top choices.
I believe being a therapist would certainly fit my personality. Although I can sometimes be very apprehensive when it comes to being social, I do believe that I can be gregarious when needed. While I do lack a bit of social skills, I certainly do not lack empathy. I feel that a therapist will work in my favor as long as I make an effort to become more convivial.
In order to find out more information about therapists, I needed sources. I thought to myself, “What better way to find out about a career than someone who works in the career himself?” At first I wanted to go ask my old therapist, but when I wasn’t able to locate her, I needed to find someone else. And so the magical world of internet came to my rescue and helped me locate another therapist, Ms. Rebeca Ramirez. While scrolling through therapist’s websites and such, I occasionally called a few and asked a couple of questions. Ms. Ramirez seemed to be the epitome because she works with adolescents and that is the area of therapy I am interested in.
She gave me her email and answered back as quickly as she could.
What kind of personality or temperament is best suited to this career?
Well personally, I am a caring person and always looking to help someone. I believe that someone who is caring and understanding is best suited for the job. It is easier to tell someone how you feel if they understand you rather than someone who feels like talking is more efficient than listening.
What kind of training or experience do I need?
One of the main things you should be cautious about is doing well in school. Not only does it help you become a therapist, but it also helps you succeed in life. You can’t really have a good job without doing well in an exquisite college, and in order to get into a good college you need good grades. Especially...

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