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Friendships have shifted from face to face communication to "hanging out." To examine
this idea I decided to interview someone that grew up in a different time period. The person I chose was Davia Rosemond. She grew up during the 1960s and 70s when media and electronics were not a huge part of American culture. And after college she attended dental school at Howard University. My childhood differed from hers very much which is why I wanted to hear her opinion. Her upbringing was different from the way I'm being raised and I wanted to know her feelings on whether she thinks the shift is a positive or negative.
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Instead of focusing on the activity they are out doing, whether it be going to the movies, out skating, or going out to eat teenagers today are glued to their electronics. And in turn there is not much face to face communication between them.
The time period in which Rosemond grew up technology was very limited. TV was not a big part of her household. Her father and mother tried as much as possible to let her and siblings watch as little television as possible and engage in conversation or go out. This type of parenting however has shifted into television being used as a substitute for face to face communication and interactions. The television in today acts as a babysitter to kids to keep them preoccupied so parents do not have to deal with them. Not only does television have a hold children but also teenagers in that some teens allow certain shows to affect their lives. It has an affect on teenage life and culture in that some shows are very mature and we as teens see this and may influence us and in turn affect our friendships and...

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