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John Wilkes Booth is best known for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Booth was born on May 10, 1838 near Bel Air, Maryland in a large log cabin to his mother, Mary Ann Holmes, and his father, Junius Brutus Booth. John's mother and father moved from Britain to England and settled here in America. His father's bad habits led to the house being depressing and the fact his family was wealthy and owned slaves may have led to his hatred of Abraham Lincoln. Booth lived a very appealing life from a privileged life to even traveling after being dead. There is many theories and conspiracies about his life from April 26, 1865 where he was allegedly burned and shot to him living years later under the name of David George. John Wilkes Booth's fascinating life will now be examined and explained.

John Wilkes Booth lived a very privileged childhood even though he was the second youngest of ten children. John's mother was a hopeless romantic that later told him that on the night he was born she had asked God to give her a hint about his future and she said that in the flames of the open hearth there were letters that spelled the word "country". She believed that it meant that he was to endure the fires of persecution, but emerge as a patriot in the final act. John's father was a well known actor and was eccentric with a drinking problem. John and his siblings were raised on a farm in Baltimore that was worked by the family's slaves. John would go with his family on occasional carriage trips to the nearest villages of Bel Air and Hickory, where he would listen to the fascinating stories the old men would tell about their experience of the American Reolution. His parents promoted this inspiration because it taught him about the American Revolution. At a young age, he attended Milton Boarding School for Boys, which was a private and expensive school. Those who knew him thought it was only natural for him to follow his father's footsteps into acting because he was known for his handsomeness. It was said that he ruled his family with a presence "as constant as the Northern Star, a line taken from Julius Caesar. After his father's death, he left his studies at the prestigious Saint Timothy's Hall Military School to a few years later follow his brothers to his famous and amazing acting profession.

In 1855, John followed his two brothers, Junius Junior and Edwin into his acting profession. At the age of 17, John made his acting début at Charles Street Threatre in Baltimore with a role in a production of Shakespeare's Richard l'll. He then worked a year at a Philadelphia theatre before moving to Marshall Theatre in Richmond, Virginia. John was soon invited to tour all over the country with Shakespearean Acting Company based in Richmond, Virginia. He was well known for his dark looks, his intensely physical and almost acrobatic body, performances, and how popular he was with women. John was supposed to take part in Hamlet in October 1860, but he...

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