Knowledge Management And Electric Learning Essay

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Growing competition in a globalising environment marked by cut throat competition has challenged organizations to find an efficient method to allow shared access to the key resources: knowledge, experience and ideas.
The combination of knowledge management and electronic learning is a response to this challenge. The use of information and communication technologies as teaching and learning tools is now rapidly expanding into education and e-learning is one of the most popular learning environments in the information age.
Also with multiple generations in workplace today, organisations must deliberately put in place different processes, motivators and tools to stimulate collaboration and create a knowledge sharing culture that appeals to all generations. To attract and retain generation Y, organisations need to employ leading edge, real time collaboration practices to effectively engage their employees while at the same time managing the more technology adverse baby boomer generation that prefers face to face collaboration. Simply put, the workforce has changed while the workplace has not.
Long term viability is increasingly dependent on collaborating across cultures and boarders. In today’s economic climate organisations are trying to do more with less. As organisations continue to grow and expand into new markets, so does the need to share expertise to make better business decisions, improve productivity and work more efficiently. Employees from different countries, with different background work together serving customers who expect a consistent experience of a similar standard and quality employing the same approach regardless of the place of operation. Through effective collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing, organisations are able to transcend organisation silos. By enabling teams to work together, there will be fewer cases of reinventing the wheel, standards and quality will be more consistent as will the customer experience.
Loss of expertise due to employee attrition or retiring baby boomers greatly impacts institutional knowledge. Tomorrow’s leaders, the knowledge professionals who will drive business growth through the 21st century, are in ever increasing demand and ever decreasing supply. The young workforce is more nomadic in its relationship with organisations; they tend to change jobs more frequently and do not see their career as a destination, but instead a journey. The recent economy may have slowed attrition rates, but many expect that as soon as the economy starts to improve. Companies will suffer a mass flight by employees who have become unmotivated, unattached and disengaged during the recession. As those employees leave, so does years of your valuable corporate knowledge and expertise. The same goes for the baby boomers. Their impending retirement and mass exodus from the workforce will create void of institutional knowledge, insights and experiences as so many of the baby boomers make up a large...

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