Landfills And Open Dumps Essay

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Household garbage, yard waste, tires, barrels, lumbar, shingles, asbestos, appliances and furniture which is a sample of things found in abandoned piles called open dumps” instead of being taken to a state certified and regulated solid waste landfills or recycle centers. Open Dumps are found at the bottom of ravines, roadsides, alleys, behind buildings, pastures and other locations people seem to want to dump their waste. Open dumps are illegal waste disposal sites that are not permitted. If open dumps are not immediately disposed of they grow larger and become a danger to the environment affecting wildlife and people.
The health, safety and environmental threats pose by open dumps are: damage to wildlife habitats, contamination of drinking water, disease carrying insects such as mosquitoes, flies and rodents. Safety concerns for fire and explosion, children being injured playing on or around open dumps. Contamination of creeks, streams, lakes, and rivers. Toxic gases poses a threat to the surroundings, groundwater and soil contamination and decline in quality of life by residents and communities where these sites are located.
Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) came into existence with the Industrial Revolution. Because of the crowding in industrial cities and epidemics of contagious disease created support for municipal sanitation infrastructure.
Open dumping is prohibited by law and create a public nuisance, divert land from productive use and sends the value of surrounding land down. Open dumps attracts littering, scavenging, open burning, placement of waste in standing or flowing water, increase of disease-carrying organisms, discharged of liquids (leachate),standing or flowing, (rainwater is most common source for leachate aiding the bacteria during process of decomposition which could be harmless or toxic, depends on landfill) and decomposition of construction or demolition debris.
Up to the 20th century, waste consist mostly of food and ashes, commodities were sold in bulk and food waste was general feed to domestic animals, composted in garden plots or thrown out into the streets. In the late 1800’s cities had ordinance mandating that garbage to be transported outside city limits and covered to prevent disease....


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