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He’s gone. The younger had left in the few seconds that his former love had taken to look at his girlfriend. He ran out of the bar before he could hear anything come out of the older man’s mouth. He didn’t need to hear anything because he already knew. He knew. Of course, he knew. With one look into the other’s eyes, he knew. The older man had found someone else, someone else to call his own and protect. He picked up his pace, but the cigarettes that he had become too attached to had begun to take a toll on his lungs. He ignored his lungs burning plea and pushed on. With no destination in mind, he stopped on a bridge which overlooked a small lake. Breathing heavily, he pulled out another ...view middle of the document...

The younger didn’t even live here, not anymore at least.
He threw away yet another cigarette and pulled out another. And another. Before he knew it, his entire pack was out, and he was walking towards a gas station that was visible from the bridge. Nothing was making sense in his mind as walked quietly to the store. He showed his ID to the clerk as he bought one more pack and an extra lighter. He would need it tonight. Before he stepped foot into the winter night, he returned the clerk and bought two more packs. Just to be on the safe side.
The clerk said something to him, but he heard nothing. He was completely absorbed in his mind.
“Harry,” the younger boy heard from behind him. It was faint and far quieter than a whisper, but he could here that voice even if it was miles away. How could he forget it? He would never forget it.
Harry felt frozen as he felt the older man put his hand on his shoulder and turning him around. The two came face to face for the second time that night, and now everything had to be spoken. Neither could speak.
“I’m sorry,” the older man spoke, but he didn’t get a chance to speak before Harry cut him off with his lips pressing against the older man’s lips. Their lips moved together, and he could taste the bitter taste of smoke on Harry’s lips. He chose to ignore it and kept kissing the younger man. All too soon, Harry pulled back with tears in his eyes, looking the other man dead in the eyes.
“It’s a little too late for your apology. I waited. I waited for you that night, but you never came. I come home the next day to find your belongings packed, and everything we ever shared was gone. It was like you were never there. I was alone, but I managed,” Harry spoke with strength in his voice, but his voice soon grew weaker with each passing word that left his mouth. “I never knew how alone one could feel until his heart was ripped out of his chest,” he continued with his voice breaking, and the sadness was unmistakably evident. “You left me, and it’s my turn to return the favor, Louis. You have a fiancé now,” the younger boy whispered.
Louis extended his hand to brush his fingers against the younger boy’s skin. It wasn’t soft like years ago, but it was still as beautiful. He’s changed. Louis didn’t speak as he wiped away the stray tears from Harry’s face.
Harry only pulled away from his touch. “Louis, let me go. Go back to your fiancé. She needs you now. I’ve wasted away over the years, and I’m far too gone to be saved.” He spoke with no emotion in his voice. Harry took out one of his cigarette packs from his jeans and his older lighter and put it into Louis’s hand. “Something to remember me by. I love you, but you have to let me go, Louis. Let me go,” he whispered.
Louis took the pack and placed it into his own jeans, looking into the broken eyes of his former fiancé. Louis said nothing as he placed a final kiss on Harry’s lips and slowly pulled away. He turned away and made his way back to the bar. He looked back,...

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