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An effective leader demonstrates the skills to effectively produce and implement rules and regulations, adapt to changes, encourage teamwork, and provide support and guidance to all members of the group. Leaders promote teamwork in order to get excellent results. They set goals and achieve them through hard work and dedication. They always listen to feedbacks, accept, and implement changes. A true leader will create an atmosphere that motivates people to work more efficiently. They are optimistic, demonstrate willpower and confidence to influence and encourage others (Haeuser & Preston, 2005). An effective leader is the backbone of every successful organization. They have skills to make the entire nursing staff to work as a team to provide excellent patient care. For an effective healthcare system especially nursing, it is important to have great leadership.
A manager has skills to analyze and resolve complex situations because of their management experience. They can assign task to team members based on their skills. Nursing unit manager must recognize effective leaders and provide them an opportunity to build a successful team of nurses in their unit to provide effective care to all patients in that unit and thus create better patient satisfaction. Adequate staffing is an important component of good patient care. Effective management skills are necessary in order to effectively handle staff shortages, adapt, and implement changes in order to provide excellent patient care while maintaining staff morale. This paper will discuss the importance of effective management and leadership skills required in relation to the nurse-patient ratio in a unit.
Patients deserve and expect proper care and treatment for their illness or condition. However, high nurse-patient ratios in hospitals create a dilemma for today’s healthcare system. Research shows that an average nurse to patient ratio is 1:5. Today nurses are responsible for their patient’s medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. It requires multitasking and problem solving skills. A wide gap in nurse to patient ratio can create a serious obstacle in providing good patient care safely and effectively. In several hospitals, nurses were assigned to six or seven patients per shift. It is important for a nurse to have excellent communication and rapport-building skills, and critical thinking skills to provide proper care to all these patients. In addition, taking care of large number of patients can be results in job burnout. Increased workload in a shorter period could be overwhelming for a nurse to handle. Researches show that hospitals with higher patients to nurse ratio are twice as likely to experience job burnout as hospitals with lower patient nurse ratio. It is evident that some of the top ten reasons behind health care associated morbidity and mortality in patients are administering wrong medication, and implementing inappropriate procedure in patients (Johns, 2011). Higher patient to...

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