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One of the most important components of leadership is the leader. A leader is responsible for his or her followers and the overall goal of the group or organization. Leaders are the people held accountable or everything that happens, good or bad. On the other hand, the second major component of leadership is the followers. Without followers, a leader would be worthless. Followers make up the backbone of a leader because they are the masses that get goals accomplished. A leader is just one person, but the number of followers is countless. In order to be an effective follower, there are a countless number of characteristics that allow a follower to be the best they can be. Five of these characteristics include a positive attitude, communication skills, being part of the process, being open to new ideas, and patience.
The first characteristic, a positive attitude, is important because having the ability and enjoyment of working with other people in a team is a useful skill. A sincere liking and respect for other people is a wonderful asset. Being well liked will certainly help in working in teams or any other social situation. Humor and warmth are effective in order to be a good team member. A follower who focuses on positive thoughts by filtering out negative ones is on the trail of leadership. President Dwight D. Eisenhower often said, “No pessimist ever won a battle.” People who have a positive outlook on both life and specific situations tend to achieve their goals more often. The choice and determination to maintain an event-tempered disposition come what may; hence the ability to smile in the face of adversity and make things a little brighter for everyone.
Communication skills are the second characteristic that helps make followers effective. A follower must be able to understand and communicate with the leader and other team members. An effective leader must have a large amount of feedback. It is a follower’s responsibility to provide information to the leader and let the leader know what is working and what is not. Giving the leader the correct information is important because that information helps the leader decide which decisions to make. All of these tasks must be done in what is an acceptable manner for the leader and that group or organization. It is hard to tell someone that his or her tactics are not working without offending him or her. Very few people including leaders can accept criticism gracefully. The best solution to this problem varies from one group to another. The personal commitment to keep one’s leader abreast of important developments before they come as surprising news from others who might put the leader in the awkward position of having to play catch-up from a position of disadvantage....

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