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Essay Question #5
The commander’s role in leadership development is he sets the tone, and he is responsible for using the leader development process in the unit to broaden his officers.
The commander is arguably the most experienced leader in the organization. His value of leader development will influence the rest of the Soldier’s value of leader development accordingly. The commander is responsible for ensuring the unit has a leader development program and that it is nested with everyday training. His vision for the unit’s leader development program will shape how the S3 incorporates the development program into the unit’s training plan. The commander must establish a climate that ...view middle of the document...

The commander is the leader in the organization that must make the difficult decisions and assume risk in order to steward the profession. LTC Fullerton promotes stewardship when he sends MAJ Boone to CGSC instead of deferring him. LTC Fullerton knew this would be tough for the battalion, but he also realized that it was the right thing to do to develop MAJ Boone. LTC Fullerton also used sending MAJ Boone as an opportunity to develop others in the organization. One of which was MAJ Kane, LTC Fullerton explained to MAJ Kane the importance of sending MAJ Boone to CGSC and the unit could survive without MAJ Boone. Responsible commanders have to at times expand leaders’ apertures and show them what the big picture looks like and why certain decisions must be made. LTC Fullerton did a great job using his leader development program to broaden both CPTs Benizi and Stark. He offered CPT Benizi an opportunity to command a second company, which had several systemic problems. This second command also offered CPT Benizi a chance to deploy as a Company Commander and experience the accompanying challenges. LTC Fullerton made CPT Stark the new BN S3. This is not only a broadening assignment, but also an act of good faith in the LTC Fullerton’s confidence in CPT Stark’s abilities. LTC Fullerton was responsible for using a leader development process that made the aforementioned actions possible.

Essay Question # 6
Great leaders use their abilities as followers to improve their organizations, bare responsibility and communicate effectively.
It is said that to be a good leader one must also be a good follower. This is absolutely true in the military as every leader is accountable to a superior(s) to include the Commander in Chief. This does not mean that the follower is supposed to go along blindly and treat the superior’s thoughts as the gospel. In fact, organizations need “courageous followers” as referred to by Ira Chaleff. A courageous follower realizes that although the boss has the power to make decisions, the follower must possesses the capability to support as well as stand up to his boss. Great followers realize that they work more closely to the customers, employees or the process and have a better understanding of which way an organization should go. They realize that their relationship with the boss rests on the follower and not the leader. The follower develops a relationship with the superior based on mutual respect enabling candid feedback from the follower to the leader. The follower must try to prevent the leader from making blatantly bad decisions. LTC Allen was extremely well versed in dealing with COL Brown. LTC Allen would regularly offer COL Brown alternative options that were less emotional and better for the organization without offending COL Brown.
Followers cannot take solace in some misguided sense of obedience and allow their organization to fail because they are not in charge. Great followers shoulder...

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