Learning Styles In Tom Wayman's Students

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The poem “Students” by Tom Wayman, shows four different learning styles: The Vaccination Theory of Education, The Dipstick Theory of Education, The Easy Listener Theory of Learning, and The Kung Fu Theory of Education. Wayman is a teacher that has noticed that every person devolves into one of these different learning styles. The four different theory of education are used every day even if we do not know.
The Vaccination Theory of Education is when students forget everything after having learned and completed the subject. Experts from Johns Hopkins University, the University of Tennessee and the University of Virginia conducted a study that showed that most students “lose 2 to 2 1/2 months of the math computational skills that they learned during the school year” (Strauss). Students that follow this theory would get great marks when it counts, on test and quizzes, but will forget the subject after completion. And when it is time to apply what they have learned to the real world they fail the real test.
The second learning styles presented in this poem is The Dipstick Theory. This is when students feel good if they are getting average. When students are only aiming for a fifty, they do not try hard, and will be satisfied with just getting by. But when it’s time to think about post-secondary they become less satisfied. And it is easy to fall short of a fifty. Then students will have to retake many courses to get a good education or job.
The third theory the writer believes is followed by students, is The Easy Listening Theory. This theory is when students listening to music and still believe that they are paying attention and learning. This theory is one of the most used theories this decayed; students hide their headphones and when questioned they say "Don't worry, I can hear you"(Wayman,36). But the students are not telling the truth, and their grades show that. Dr. Nick Perham conducted a study that:
“involves a subject conducting a certain task, in this case recalling a series of numbers, while listening to different kinds of background music. If sound exhibits acoustical variations, or what Perham calls an "acute...

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