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Marijuana has been around for centuries and has been used for many things, such as the oil in the cannabis plant, which is high in protein and essential fatty acids, or the plant is dried and made into hemp, and hemp into baskets or bracelets. Other than protein and crafts, marijuana has long been used for recreational purposes. With the underground black market controlling the trade of marijuana, it poses more risks than legalizing it. Marijuana is highly illegal in the United States, and the repercussions are very harsh, in some places more than others. Recreational marijuana use should be regulated or decriminalized.
Tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs are legal drugs in the United States under certain conditions, and although marijuana is less harmful and less impairing, it is illegal and harshly punished. A user under the influence of alcohol tends to present recklessness and violent behavior, where marijuana calms and keeps users controlled (Jonsson). Marijuana, as opposed to other recreational drugs does not promote violence, and marijuana users are usually not involved in other dangerous crimes, such as gun use and speeding. Kayla Morgan states that “It’s nearly impossible to overdose on marijuana, to do so; 1,500 pounds of marijuana would have to be smoked, or otherwise ingested in some form, in under 15 minutes,” (100) whereas users who drink alcohol run the risk of overdosing if they simply exceed their limit by a small amount, alcohol intoxication and overdose is very common. As such, with alcohol being dangerous and legal, tobacco products cause cancers of many kinds and kill many each year from those complications. Supporters of marijuana legalization do not sugar coat the fact that “it is a drug with mind-altering properties,” but even still they believe, “it’s safer—or at least no more dangerous—than alcohol or tobacco…” (Morgan 77). Prescription medication, on the other hand, is very dangerous, and they have many side effects. Prescription medication for recreational use is also risky because overdose is not impossible, or rare.
Marijuana is very safe and supporters of legalization would like to see it regulated like alcohol, or even believe that it is safe enough that regulation would not be necessary. Kayla Morgan states that “Marijuana is a safe and natural substance” and that people have been “using it for centuries” (100). Since people have been using it for centuries, no one has overdosed and marijuana is not physically addictive in the way that tobacco and alcohol are. “Studies show cannabis is not chemically addictive in the way heroin, nicotine, or alcohol is. This means the user’s body will not go into a physical withdrawal if regular cannabis use is stopped.” (Morgan 50). Marijuana is not physically or chemically addictive, which would not have as big of an effect on the user as other drugs. Drugs even prescribed to users for medicinal purposes can become addictive, and put patients through physical withdrawal. ...

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