Lemonade Stand Game Report.

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Lemonade Experience.In class over the past few days we have worked on an internet game called lemonade stand. Your goal in this game is to make as much money as you can within thirty days. To do this, you open your own business, a Lemonade Stand. You have complete control over almost every part of your business, including pricing, quality control, inventory control, and purchasing supplies. You also have to deal with the weather, which can be unpredictable. Unfortunately, the weather will play a big part when customers are deciding whether or not to buy your product or not. Other factors that will make or break the business is the price you charge. Customers are more willing to pay higher prices when the lemonade is more in demand (When the weather is hotter). As the temperature drops, and the weather turns bad, don't expect them to pay nearly what they would on a hot, hazy day. The other major factor that comes into play is your customer's satisfaction. As you sell the lemonade, people will decide whether or not they like it, and how much they like or dislike it. Which in return will raise popularity of your lemonade stand. Sell a good product for a good price, and you'll build business over time.50 to 65 degrees: :15-18 cents66 to 80 degrees: :19-24 cents81 to 90 degrees: :25-29 cents90 and above: :30 cents [F-1]During my play of the game I found that different combinations worked for several types of weather the best lemonade, sugar, and ice combination I used was eight:eight:five-seven((8:8:5-7) for the lower temperatures I used less cubes of ice.Hazy: ...

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