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The aroma of fresh baked cookies surrounded the kitchen as Beatrice was sitting at the kitchen table on her MacBook blaring music, while Giovanna was tidying up the kitchen. Both girls have known each other since the beginning of the fall of their first semester of University and since they were studying the same thing, they became instant friends. They had a particular type of friendship, like the one you only see in movies. Where they would routine their days, and to be more specific, their Sundays. Every Sunday since the very beginning, they would take time away from their studies to bake and gossip about what has happened throughout the week.
Gossiping and baking was usually a norm to both girls. Most of the gossip would come from Giovanna, considering a lot of the people she would see throughout the week didn’t really fancy Beatrice. They would either loath her for absolutely no reason or would only know one side of the story and that would be all it would take for them not to like her.
“Beatrice, did I tell you about what happened before the party last night?”
Beatrice looked at her, trying to recall whether she had a conversation about last night’s wild party, but they haven’t talked about it yet. She wondered if it was something regarding Summer or maybe even someone else. At that point she lowered the volume on her MacBook and asked Giovanna what she was eager to know.
“No, tell me everything!”
“You know how I was at Summer’s flat before the party last night? Well, so was Evie and Harrison, and let me tell you! Summer made yet another scene about how much she thinks Harrison is in love with her and basically doing the same thing she did with Calum, but this time in front of Harrison.”
Summer is one of those girls who would talk and talk about Beatrice. Mainly because Beatrice had recently started dating Calum, the guy that Summer was infatuated with at the time. Which was actually quite comical because Summer was almost 5 years older than both Beatrice and Calum and was acting like a little pre-teen when it came to the situation. She made it seem like she had some claim over Calum, like she called ‘dibs’ and no one could touch him. So it came as a surprise when she heard that Calum fancied Beatrice and they had been seeing each other for a couple of days. Summer made the biggest scene and tried to turn everyone on both of them, but that back fired and made a lot of people double think their friendship with Summer.
Beatrice seemed to enjoy hearing about Summer, found it entertaining how incredibly comical she made situations like the one with her and Calum.
“You’re kidding! She actually did that in front of Harrison? Can she be anymore pathetic?”
“She did! Harrison was so confused on everything, he didn’t know how to react and it was just so sad.”
This has actually always been normal since Beatrice and Giovanna...

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