Life Begins: Understanding By Science And Religion

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“A human being can’t survive unassisted on the moon absent the creation of an artificial atmosphere via technology. The same goes for the embryo on the fetus that are living in the womb” (Smith, 1). The different beliefs and opinions can determine how you answer a question. When life begins is answered differently based upon personal beliefs dealing with religion and science.
Jewish people related they believes based on the Bible. Judaism lived by the rules of the Old Testament as well as the “rabbinical writings” (Human Life Begins, 3). Based on those beliefs, they believe that the fetus has a soul after 40 days for boys and 90 days for girls 9 (When does life begin,1).They believe that for boys is 40 days because they can develop quicker than the girl. For girls they believe is 90 days because they seem them as weak person. The girls develop more slowly than boys. On the Bible in the book of Genesis, it talks about the laws that the Israelites have to follow, they is a part that says that a human life begins when it breathes (Shenker). They believe that a fetus is a subhuman before it’s born, based on what the bible says. When the baby takes it first breath it becomes human, the Jewish people believe this. They interpret the Bible with thir own knowledge. They make their own rules and believe.
Christianity has different branches of religion. One of this religions is the Catholicism also been the largest church world wise. People who are Catholic believe life begins at conception (Kaveny). People that are Catholics believe this because of how the science has demonstrate how the fertilize egg reacts in the environment. Also they had been studying the Bible for years and they too have put their own knowledge to the research, to create their own beliefs. Another religion will be Protestants, they relate their beliefs in the Bible and science. Some Protestants believe that life begins after 14 days of conception, when the cell cannot divide anymore (Kaveny). The Protestants see the different theories, scientific and the Bible. The science says that after 14 days the cell can’t divide to create another cell. So the Protestant use this theory in their believes. After the 14 days after conception the cell can’t divide to create twins. Some Protestants believe that life begins after 14...

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