Life Could Not Exist Without Water

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Life on earth would not exist without water. Not in any way or form could any planet exist with any life forms whatsoever if not for the common thing we call water. In my home state of Washington, there is a lot of surrounding bodies of water. To the cities and their economies, water is essential and cannot be replaced or removed. There is nothing that can take its place. Though, it can be damaged. Around the big towns the air can become polluted and therefore polluting the well-known constant rain that pours down. There have been several cases where it has been reported that swimmers have become sick due to bacteria, viruses, and other contaminates in the beach water. With certain areas of Washington beaches and lakes becoming contaminated, it creates a problem with not only the swimmers but also the sea-life that live in those waters. With good reason, the government in the state of Washington should ...view middle of the document...

This issue is extremely important because without sufficient tests done on common areas that are known to be full of swimmers, people who are just going to have a good time at the beach or lake could contract sicknesses that could have been simply avoided by testing the waters for harmful contaminates. I strongly take the side that supports the testing of common areas known for heavy human activity and contact with the water. If Washington State could simply do some tests, especially on the areas known for high amounts of swimming then we could avoid all the unnecessary illness caused by the viruses contained in the swimming waters.
The major issue is that the testing done on the beaches and swimming areas is dangerously minimal. Washington State has more than 1,300 publically accessible beaches as a result of the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. Studies taken by the Natural Resources Defense Council shows that 96% of those beaches have absolutely no testing of the waters whatsoever. Only 2% of all beaches actually have testing that resulted with samples that met the standards of the state. Shocking statistics like this should not go unnoticed. Luckily, they haven’t been overlooked by some. The BEACH program has stepped up to the plate and has taken action to protect the natural water of the northwest.
The BEACH program is designed to help the state and local beach managers protect and preserve the programs. The main goal is to minimize infection risks in the recreational waters. The plan is to promote recreational water quality programs and create scientific improvements that monitor the waters improvements. Local jurisdictions and volunteers monitor locations near freshwater and storm water discharges that transport bacteria into beach water. If a beach is closed or placed under advisory, the monitoring frequency is increased until the beach is reopened. States that monitor more frequently after an advisory is issued will tend to have higher percent accidence rates and lower total closing/advisory days than they would if their sampling frequency did not increase after accidence was found.

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