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Have you ever had a terrible experience at the beach? It is very hard to, unless a case of bright red sunburn is in the future. To me the beach, specifically Belmar Beach, has been the place to escape to and have all the worries melt from me like a popsicle that has been left in the sun. It is the place to let my soul fly like the seagulls that fill the blue sky above. Whenever a problem inflates in my life a trip to the beach has always been the answer. It is like as soon as my bare feet step on the rustic sand all my worries and obligations are just erased. My head begins to clear just like the ocean. Millions of memories engulf into my head as soon as the smell of salt fresh air fills my lungs.
As I take a seat in my blue beach chair, my eyes fill with photographs. Pictures of what are happening now and recollections of what happened in the past. In front of me I see children making sand castles and laughing. The memories fill my head of when I was just a little tot. It reminded me of the times when my parents would pack up the car on a Saturday morning and we would rush down to the beach. The car would be packed to the roof with anything a family of two girls and parents would need. It included various beach chairs, many buckets and shovels, animal sand molds that we never used but still needed, and of course plenty of towels and an enormous cooler filled with snacks. The thought of that past memory suddenly brings a huge bright smile to my face. Even though it is the beginning of October it is funny to see people still at the beach, even when it’s not beach season. I guess I’m not the only one that comes here to absorb themselves in the earth. A little fact I learned was that the name “Belmar” translates to beautiful sea, which to me is a hundred percent true. The beautiful glistening Belmar beach is not the only thing I see.
Behind me is the boardwalk. When Hurricane Sandy hit last October the boardwalk was destroyed. Now, after many anxious months of waiting and government issues it is restored. Before it was all wood that gave splinters and creaked every time someone took a step. Now it is a brand new plastic material called trex that continues to endure numerous joggers, dogs and baby carriages. It is a beige smooth surface that tickles the bottom of your foot every time you walk. 20 avenues make up Belmar’s boardwalk. The most popular of these is 16th Avenue due to its abundance of shops and restaurants across the way. To me, despite their differences all the avenues look very similar. Each has a blue children’s playground, black jetties covered in muscles and seaweed that separate by the blue-green tinted sea. The color all depends on the way the sun hits it. I see each avenue has a story. Together they make up one book, but alone they are different chapters that contain different memories and different people. For instance, I remember my family bouncing around each avenue trying to figure out which one best fitted our needs....

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