Lincoln: The New Pinocchio Essay

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Once a great leader of the United States, transcending past those before and after his time in office, the sixteenth in line of some of the world’s finest, Abraham Lincoln is a man whom people look up to and aspire to become. His face is printed on every penny and five dollar bill that circulates throughout this nation and the world. Honest Abe, as he is known by some for his great deeds of chivalry while managing a country store. Once he noticed he had taken too much change from a woman earlier in the day and instead of just pocketing the extra he closed the store and walked a great length to return the amount (Brooks). His bearded physique is one to be imprinted upon every Americans’ mind bringing thoughts of patriotism and freedom. Lincoln, in pictures is noticed to have an exceptionally long nose. At least that is how the proboscis of a sniffer on his face is portrayed in one such Snickers advertisement. Yes, Honest Abe, in order to bring business has been altered to have a nose resembling that of Pinocchio’s. This elongated snout does serve a purpose along with clever techniques that Snickers uses to attract its audience, alluring them to purchase their product. This advertisement upon analysis registers several effective strategies with the use of pathos, kairos, and the appearance and layout.
The Greeks understood the importance and benefits of pathos in rhetoric to win arguments. The Mars Corporation seems to follow the path of the Greeks, using pathos in this Snickers advertisement to persuade its audience to buy their product. The key to pathos is to trigger an emotion. With this particular ad the emotion is humor; having Lincoln’s nose stretched out is to extract a laugh or smile from the observer of the page. This creates a positive feel or attraction to the product (McNamara). When this optimistic connect is made it remains in the subconscious of the viewer so when the candy bar is seen on a store shelf a fleeting smile will be impressed on the mind and an urge to purchase the product will manifest upon the consumer. In order to be even more successful to have people buy the material, those creating the advertisement must consider offering a benefit when using their merchandise. The whole premise is that one does not act themselves when hungry so by eating Snickers it “satisfies” the appetite (Snickers). The benefit of their product is that it helps one to stay themselves by eating snickers so that they don’t change into someone they don’t want to be. Even when there are competing companies that can offer the same benefit, the consumers may be more apt to purchase the product that brought to light the advantage of choosing their merchandise (McNamara).
To create the connections and be successful, the company needs to know the audience they’re selling their product to. Those who marketed this ad really hit the sweet spot with a victorious placement of their merchandise. This page was featured in the February...

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