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In Charles Darwin’s theory of the evolution of man he stated that humans are evolved from monkeys or more specifically from Apes. This theory then makes humans as mammals or a primate for that matter. There’s a lot of species of mammals and humans are one of them. But if we are mammals just like the others then why the other mammals or primates do had a different life span than what humans had? What does it makes the difference then?
Humans differ from the other primate because we had a bigger brain size than the others. We had the gift of reasoning and we are able to speak our thoughts. But is this enough reason why humans seem to have a longer life span than the other mammals? No, it ...view middle of the document...

Mammals reproduce frequently as much as they can, for they have a shorter reproducing cycle while humans and the other primates had a longer reproducing cycle for it takes months that’s why humans and the other primates reproduce infrequently.
Researchers are reporting that they had find reason for disparity has to do with the metabolic rates. According to the new studies that have been conducted in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Science, it was resulted that the primates’ burn about half as many calories than the mammals that had a comparative size but it just not to do with that and with the reason that the mammals are more active than the primates.
Dr. Herman Pontzer, the leader of the study and an anthropologist at the Hunter College had said that humans should run a marathon a day for them to expend as much energy as a similar sized deer. As well as Dr. Herman Pontzer had alleged that there are probably some other mechanisms that are helping the primates to take care of their bodies and does repair the damages that their bodies are incurring. But then he also alleged that if it is viewed by aging as the process of accumulating metabolic damages, then it can be accounted as the difference that had occurred in the life span.
Dr. Herman Pontzer and his team had conducted experiment that has to do with what they called “doubled labeled water” technique, it is been used to captured the...

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